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18 November 2013, Volume 21, Issue 23, pp. 27519-29082   153 articles


Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Mode multiplexed single-photon and classical channels in a few-mode fiber

Opt. Express 21(23), 28794-28800 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Exploring ultrafast negative Kerr effect for mode-locking vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers

Opt. Express 21(23), 28801-28808 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Detecting the trapping of small metal nanoparticles in the gap of nanoantennas with optical second harmonic generation

Opt. Express 21(23), 28710-28718 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Tunable single-to-dual channel wavelength conversion in an ultra-wideband SC-PPLN

Opt. Express 21(23), 28809-28816 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectral self-imaging of time-periodic coherent frequency combs by parabolic cross-phase modulation

Opt. Express 21(23), 28824-28835 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental demonstration of intermodal nonlinear effects between full vectorial modes in a few moded fiber

Opt. Express 21(23), 28836-28841 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Surface plasmon-enhanced transverse magnetic second-harmonic generation

Opt. Express 21(23), 28842-28848 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient second to ninth harmonic generation using megawatt peak power microchip laser

Opt. Express 21(23), 28849-28855 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

The dual annihilation of a surface plasmon and a photon by virtue of a three-wave mixing interaction

Opt. Express 21(23), 28856-28861 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

On timing jitter of mode locked Kerr frequency combs

Opt. Express 21(23), 28862-28876 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

High-coherence mid-infrared frequency comb

Opt. Express 21(23), 28877-28885 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Dual-wavelength source from 5%MgO:PPLN cylinders for the characterization of nonlinear infrared crystals

Opt. Express 21(23), 28886-28891 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Octave-spanning coherent mid-IR generation via adiabatic difference frequency conversion

Opt. Express 21(23), 28892-28901 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Regression of in-water radiometric profile data

Opt. Express 21(23), 27707-27733 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

A simple optical model to estimate suspended particulate matter in Yellow River Estuary

Opt. Express 21(23), 27891-27904 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Ellipticity dependence of the near-threshold harmonics of H2 in an elliptical strong laser field

Opt. Express 21(23), 28676-28684 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Coherence and Statistical Optics

Theoretical and experimental studies of the spectral changes of a polychromatic partially coherent radially polarized beam

Opt. Express 21(23), 27682-27696 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Correcting speckle contrast at small speckle size to enhance signal to noise ratio for laser speckle contrast imaging

Opt. Express 21(23), 28902-28913 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF


Asymmetric MSM sub-bandgap all-silicon photodetector with low dark current

Opt. Express 21(23), 28072-28082 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Germanium photodetector with 60 GHz bandwidth using inductive gain peaking

Opt. Express 21(23), 28387-28393 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Diffraction and Gratings

Independent spatial intensity, phase and polarization distributions

Opt. Express 21(23), 28167-28174 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

The Beynon Gabor zone plate: a new tool for de Broglie matter waves and hard X-rays? An off axis and focus intensity investigation

Opt. Express 21(23), 28483-28495 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Dual-wavelength orthogonally polarized radiation generated by a tungsten thermal source

Opt. Express 21(23), 28570-28582 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Electrically tunable color filter based on a polarization-tailored nano-photonic dichroic resonator featuring an asymmetric subwavelength grating

Opt. Express 21(23), 28783-28793 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

High-speed quasi-balanced detection OFDM in visible light communication

Opt. Express 21(23), 27558-27564 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Transfer matrix analysis of backscattering and reflection effects on WDM-PON systems

Opt. Express 21(23), 27565-27577 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

A complementary study to “Hybrid hollow core fibers with embedded wires as THz waveguides” and “Two-wire terahertz fibers with porous dielectric support:” comment

Opt. Express 21(23), 27802-27803 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

An experimental demonstration for carrier reused bidirectional PON system with adaptive modulation DDO-OFDM downstream and QPSK upstream signals

Opt. Express 21(23), 28154-28166 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

120 Gbit/s, polarization-multiplexed 10 Gsymbol/s, 64 QAM coherent transmission over 150 km using an optical voltage controlled oscillator

Opt. Express 21(23), 28290-28296 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient one-third harmonic generation in highly Germania-doped fibers enhanced by pump attenuation

Opt. Express 21(23), 28403-28413 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

SSMI cancellation in direct-detection optical OFDM with novel half-cycled OFDM

Opt. Express 21(23), 28543-28549 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of amplified data transmission at 2 µm in a low-loss wide bandwidth hollow core photonic bandgap fiber

Opt. Express 21(23), 28559-28569 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Hypocycloid-shaped hollow-core photonic crystal fiber Part I: Arc curvature effect on confinement loss

Opt. Express 21(23), 28597-28608 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Hypocycloid-shaped hollow-core photonic crystal fiber Part II: Cladding effect on confinement and bend loss

Opt. Express 21(23), 28609-28616 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Ideal optical backpropagation of scalar NLSE using dispersion-decreasing fibers for WDM transmission

Opt. Express 21(23), 28668-28675 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated hollow-core fibers for nonlinear optofluidic applications

Opt. Express 21(23), 28751-28757 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

High-order UWB pulses scheme to generate multilevel modulation formats based on incoherent optical sources

Opt. Express 21(23), 28914-28921 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

300m transmission over multimode fiber at 25Gb/s using a multimode launch at 1310nm

Opt. Express 21(23), 28968-28973 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

A single-channel 1.28 Tbit/s-58 km transmission in the 1.1 μm band with wideband GVD and slope compensation

Opt. Express 21(23), 29055-29064 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

High-refractive-index transparent coatings enhance the optical fiber cladding modes refractometric sensitivity

Opt. Express 21(23), 29073-29082 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Fourier Optics and Signal Processing

Ciphertext-only attack on a joint transform correlator encryption system

Opt. Express 21(23), 28523-28530 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF


Optical reconstruction of transparent objects with phase-only SLMs

Opt. Express 21(23), 28246-28257 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Image Processing

Depth-variant deconvolution of 3D widefield fluorescence microscopy using the penalized maximum likelihood estimation method

Opt. Express 21(23), 27668-27681 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Retrieving the displacement of strained nanoobjects: the impact of bounds for the scattering magnitude in direct space

Opt. Express 21(23), 27734-27749 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

An improved permutation-diffusion type image cipher with a chaotic orbit perturbing mechanism

Opt. Express 21(23), 27873-27890 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Accurate 3D tracking and size measurement of evaporating droplets using in-line digital holography and “inverse problems” reconstruction approach

Opt. Express 21(23), 27964-27980 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Numerical refocusing in digital holographic microscopy with extended-sources illumination

Opt. Express 21(23), 28258-28271 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Numerical iterative approach for zero-order term elimination in off-axis digital holography

Opt. Express 21(23), 28314-28324 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Fast compressed sensing analysis for super-resolution imaging using L1-homotopy

Opt. Express 21(23), 28583-28596 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems

Tunable hyperchromatic lens system for confocal hyperspectral sensing

Opt. Express 21(23), 27611-27621 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Portable spherical array probe for volumetric real-time optoacoustic imaging at centimeter-scale depths

Opt. Express 21(23), 28062-28071 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Spatial resolution and noise in organic light-emitting diode displays for medical imaging applications

Opt. Express 21(23), 28111-28133 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Toward unsupervised single-shot diffractive imaging of heterogeneous particles using X-ray free-electron lasers

Opt. Express 21(23), 28729-28742 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Depth-fused display with improved viewing characteristics

Opt. Express 21(23), 28758-28770 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Design considerations regarding ellipsoidal mirror based reflectometers

Opt. Express 21(23), 27519-27536 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

An 11-frame phase shifting algorithm in lateral shearing interferometry

Opt. Express 21(23), 28325-28333 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Hilbert-Huang processing for single-exposure two-dimensional grating interferometry

Opt. Express 21(23), 28359-28379 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Investigation of cascaded SiN microring resonators at 1.3 µm and 1.5 µm

Opt. Express 21(23), 27550-27557 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Plasmonic nanoantennas as integrated coherent perfect absorbers on SOI waveguides for modulators and all-optical switches

Opt. Express 21(23), 27652-27661 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Ultrasensitive refractive index sensor based on the resonant scattering effect between double air circular-holes on silicon waveguides

Opt. Express 21(23), 27796-27801 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultra-compact optical 90° hybrid based on a wedge-shaped 2 × 4 MMI coupler and a 2 × 2 MMI coupler in silicon-on-insulator

Opt. Express 21(23), 28423-28431 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact filters and demultiplexers based on long-range air-hole assisted subwavelength waveguides

Opt. Express 21(23), 28456-28468 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Excitation transfer between optically injected microdisk lasers

Opt. Express 21(23), 28922-28932 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Radially realigning nematic liquid crystal for efficient tuning of microring resonators

Opt. Express 21(23), 28974-28979 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser Microfabrication

Removal of scratches on fused silica optics by using a CO2 laser

Opt. Express 21(23), 28272-28289 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Pump spot size dependent lasing threshold in organic semiconductor DFB lasers fabricated via nanograting transfer

Opt. Express 21(23), 27697-27706 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Importance of the microscopic effects on the linewidth enhancement factor of quantum cascade lasers

Opt. Express 21(23), 27804-27815 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Low mode-locking threshold induced by surface plasmon field enhancement of gold nanoparticles

Opt. Express 21(23), 27992-28000 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

An all-optical locking of a semiconductor laser to the atomic resonance line with 1 MHz accuracy

Opt. Express 21(23), 28010-28018 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated tunable CMOS laser

Opt. Express 21(23), 28048-28053 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Spoof plasmon waveguide enabled ultrathin room temperature THz GaN quantum cascade laser: a feasibility study

Opt. Express 21(23), 28054-28061 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Sub-100 fs mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser using a 45°-tilted fiber grating

Opt. Express 21(23), 28297-28303 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Hour-long continuous operation of a tabletop soft x-ray laser at 50-100 Hz repetition rate

Opt. Express 21(23), 28380-28386 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient 1535 nm light emission from an all-Si-based optical micro-cavity containing Er3+ and Yb3+ ions

Opt. Express 21(23), 28394-28402 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

A cladding-pumped, tunable holmium doped fiber laser

Opt. Express 21(23), 28415-28422 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

A comparison between experiment and theory on few-quantum-dot nanolasing in a photonic-crystal cavity

Opt. Express 21(23), 28507-28512 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Temperature dependence of laser-induced damage threshold of optical coatings at different pulse widths

Opt. Express 21(23), 28719-28728 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Organic semiconductor distributed feedback (DFB) laser as excitation source in Raman spectroscopy

Opt. Express 21(23), 28941-28947 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Long-term stabilization of high power optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifiers

Opt. Express 21(23), 28987-28999 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

23 and 39 GHz low phase noise monosection InAs/InP (113)B quantum dots mode-locked lasers

Opt. Express 21(23), 29000-29005 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient burst mode amplifier for ultra-short pulses based on cryogenically cooled Yb3+:CaF2

Opt. Express 21(23), 29006-29012 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of passively combined divided-pulse amplification as an energy-scaling concept

Opt. Express 21(23), 29031-29042 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF


Regulation of structure rigidity for improvement of the thermal stability of near-infrared luminescence in Bi-doped borate glasses

Opt. Express 21(23), 27835-27840 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Medical Optics and Biotechnology

Measurement of absolute regional lung air volumes from near-field x-ray speckles

Opt. Express 21(23), 27905-27923 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

An approach to increasing the resolution of industrial CT images based on an aperture collimator

Opt. Express 21(23), 27946-27963 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimization of light delivery by a nanowire-based single cell optical endoscope

Opt. Express 21(23), 28001-28009 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Diffraction-unlimited optical imaging of unstained living cells in liquid by electron beam scanning of luminescent environmental cells

Opt. Express 21(23), 28198-28218 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF


All-angle collimation of incident light in μ-near-zero metamaterials

Opt. Express 21(23), 27789-27795 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Strongly tunable circular dichroism in gammadion chiral phase-change metamaterials

Opt. Express 21(23), 27841-27851 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Plasmonic angular momentum on metal-dielectric nano-wedges in a sectorial indefinite metamaterial

Opt. Express 21(23), 28344-28358 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Optic-null medium: realization and applications

Opt. Express 21(23), 28948-28959 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF


Using coherent X-ray ptychography to probe medium-range order

Opt. Express 21(23), 28019-28028 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Numerical analysis of transmission efficiency for parabolic optical fiber nano-probe

Opt. Express 21(23), 28103-28110 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Aberration compensation in aplanatic solid immersion lens microscopy

Opt. Express 21(23), 28189-28197 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Energy exchange between two noncollinear filament-forming laser pulses in air

Opt. Express 21(23), 27631-27640 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Generation of femtosecond optical vortices by molecular modulation in a Raman-active crystal

Opt. Express 21(23), 27750-27758 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Towards a versatile active wavelength converter for all-optical networks based on quasi-phase matched intra-cavity difference-frequency generation

Opt. Express 21(23), 27933-27945 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact representation of the spatial modes of a phase-sensitive image amplifier

Opt. Express 21(23), 28134-28153 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Sum frequency generation in pure zinc-blende GaAs nanowires

Opt. Express 21(23), 28432-28437 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Dispersion-to-spectrum mapping in nonlinear fibers based on optical wave-breaking

Opt. Express 21(23), 28550-28558 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

QPSK-to-2×BPSK wavelength and modulation format conversion through phase-sensitive four-wave mixing in a highly nonlinear optical fiber

Opt. Express 21(23), 28743-28750 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical beam dynamics in a gas repetitively heated by femtosecond filaments

Opt. Express 21(23), 28980-28986 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Design and Fabrication

Development of pseudo-random diamond turning method for fabricating freeform optics with scattering homogenization

Opt. Express 21(23), 28469-28482 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of an optical element forming an axial line segment for efficient LED lighting systems

Opt. Express 21(23), 28651-28656 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Designing double freeform optical surfaces for controlling both irradiance and wavefront

Opt. Express 21(23), 28693-28701 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Microoptical array projectors for free-form screen applications

Opt. Express 21(23), 28702-28709 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Correlation-based smoothing model for optical polishing

Opt. Express 21(23), 28771-28782 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Acceleration of computation of φ-polynomials

Opt. Express 21(23), 29065-29072 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Waveguide saturable absorbers at 1.55 μm based on intraband transitions in GaN/AlN QDs

Opt. Express 21(23), 27578-27586 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Rayleigh scattering boosted multi-GHz displacement sensitivity in whispering gallery opto-mechanical resonators

Opt. Express 21(23), 27780-27788 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Coupled tandem cavities based electro-absorption modulator with asymmetric tandem quantum well for high modulation performance at low driving voltage

Opt. Express 21(23), 27924-27932 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced and balanced efficiency of white bi-directional organic light-emitting diodes

Opt. Express 21(23), 28040-28047 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Electroluminescence from metal-insulator-semiconductor tunneling diodes using compressively strained Ge on Si0.5Ge0.5 virtual substrates

Opt. Express 21(23), 28219-28231 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Light transmission enhancement from hybrid ZnO micro-mesh and nanorod arrays with application to GaN-based light-emitting diodes

Opt. Express 21(23), 28531-28542 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

GaN-based ultraviolet light-emitting diodes with AuCl3-doped graphene electrodes

Opt. Express 21(23), 29025-29030 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

Multi-view autostereoscopic projection display using rotating screen

Opt. Express 21(23), 29043-29054 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]


1.55-μm VCSEL with polarization-independent HCG mirror on SOI

Opt. Express 21(23), 28685-28692 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic Crystals and Devices

Mie resonance-enhanced light absorption in periodic silicon nanopillar arrays

Opt. Express 21(23), 27587-27601 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Design, fabrication and transmitted properties of terahertz paper photonic crystals

Opt. Express 21(23), 27622-27630 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Statistics of the disorder-induced losses of high-Q photonic crystal cavities

Opt. Express 21(23), 28233-28245 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonreciprocal resonant transmission/reflection based on a one-dimensional photonic crystal adjacent to the magneto-optical metal film

Opt. Express 21(23), 28933-28940 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Physical Optics


Strong coupling between a dipole emitter and localized plasmons: enhancement by sharp silver tips

Opt. Express 21(23), 27602-27610 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Two-photon excited fluorescence from a pseudoisocyanine-attached gold-coated tip via a thin tapered fiber under a weak continuous wave excitation

Opt. Express 21(23), 27759-27769 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Nanofocusing of light using three-dimensional plasmonic mode conversion

Opt. Express 21(23), 27816-27825 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

A high throughput supra-wavelength plasmonic bull’s eye photon sorter spatially and spectrally multiplexed on silica optical fiber facet

Opt. Express 21(23), 28083-28094 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Plasmonic analog of electromagnetically induced transparency in nanostructure graphene

Opt. Express 21(23), 28438-28443 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Solution-processable complex plasmonic quasicrystals

Opt. Express 21(23), 28444-28449 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental demonstration of a wave plate utilizing localized plasmonic resonances in nanoapertures

Opt. Express 21(23), 28450-28455 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced and suppressed infrared transmission through germanium subwavelength arrays

Opt. Express 21(23), 28513-28522 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Plasmonic rainbow trapping by a graphene monolayer on a dielectric layer with a silicon grating substrate

Opt. Express 21(23), 28628-28637 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Aluminum plasmonics: optimization of plasmonic properties using liquid-prism-coupled ellipsometry

Opt. Express 21(23), 28638-28650 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum Optics

High efficiency coupling of photon pairs in practice

Opt. Express 21(23), 27641-27651 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Photon pair generation in a silicon micro-ring resonator with reverse bias enhancement

Opt. Express 21(23), 27826-27834 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Observation of two output light pulses from a partial wavelength converter preserving phase of an input light at a single-photon level

Opt. Express 21(23), 27865-27872 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Post-selection free, integrated optical source of non-degenerate, polarization entangled photon pairs

Opt. Express 21(23), 27981-27991 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of active routing of entanglement in a multi-user network

Opt. Express 21(23), 29013-29024 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF


Spectrally encoded angular light scattering

Opt. Express 21(23), 28960-28967 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF


Simultaneous measurements of pure scintillation and Cerenkov signals in an integrated fiber-optic dosimeter for electron beam therapy dosimetry

Opt. Express 21(23), 27770-27779 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Long fiber Bragg grating sensor interrogation using discrete-time microwave photonic filtering techniques

Opt. Express 21(23), 28175-28181 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Effect of interdome spacing on the resonance properties of plasmonic nanodome arrays for label-free optical sensing

Opt. Express 21(23), 28304-28313 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF


Demonstration of partially transparent thick metallic sodium in the vacuum ultraviolet spectral range

Opt. Express 21(23), 28182-28188 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Multidimensional coherent photocurrent spectroscopy of a semiconductor nanostructure

Opt. Express 21(23), 28617-28627 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Terahertz and X-ray Optics

Thin Films

High reflectance ta-C coatings in the extreme ultraviolet

Opt. Express 21(23), 27537-27549 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Structured Mo/Si multilayers for IR-suppression in laser-produced EUV light sources

Opt. Express 21(23), 27852-27864 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Stability of EUV multilayer coatings to low energy alpha particles bombardment

Opt. Express 21(23), 28334-28343 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Molecular alignment induced ultraviolet femtosecond pulse modulation

Opt. Express 21(23), 27662-27667 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Fully programmable two-dimensional pulse shaper for broadband line-by-line amplitude and phase control

Opt. Express 21(23), 28029-28039 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Self-compression to sub-3-cycle duration of mid-infrared optical pulses in dielectrics

Opt. Express 21(23), 28095-28102 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF


Lensless zoomable holographic projection using scaled Fresnel diffraction: erratum

Opt. Express 21(23), 28232-28232 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Power enhancement and phase regimes in embedded microring resonators in analogy with electromagnetically induced transparency: erratum

Opt. Express 21(23), 28414-28414 (2013)  View: HTML | PDF

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