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1 July 2014, Volume 4, Issue 7, pp. 1287-1486   22 articles



Light amplification in DNA-surfactant complex films stained by hemicyanine dye with immersion method

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1411-1419 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Chiral Media

Chiral nanostructures producing near circular polarization

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1389-1403 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Fluorescent and Luminescent Materials

Efficient 2.0 μm fluorescence in Ho3+-doped fluorogermanate glass sensitized by Cr3+

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1404-1410 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Increased shell thickness in indium phosphide multishell quantum dots leading to efficiency and stability enhancement in light-emitting diodes

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1436-1443 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser Materials

Highly efficient resonantly pumped Er3+:LuVO4 laser

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1355-1360 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Highly transparent Nd3+:Lu2O3 produced by spark plasma sintering and its laser oscillation

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1420-1426 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Light-emitting Diodes

Remote-type, high-color gamut white light-emitting diode based on InP quantum dot color converters

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1297-1302 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Liquid Crystals

Bandwidth broadening induced by ionic interactions in polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1465-1472 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Materials for Fiber Optics

Thermally-stimulated emission analysis of bismuth-doped silica fibers

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1361-1366 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Photosensitivity and thermal stability of UV-induced fiber Bragg gratings in phosphate glass fibers

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1427-1435 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF


Xe ion irradiation-induced polycrystallization of Ag nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 and related optical absorption property

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1303-1312 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Silicon nanopillar arrays with SiO2 overlayer for biosensing application

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1345-1354 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical properties of serrated GaN nanowires

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1373-1382 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

High performance Cu2O/ZnO core-shell nanorod arrays synthesized using a nanoimprint GaN template by the hydrothermal growth technique

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1473-1486 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optical Materials

Optical properties of LiInSe2 in the THz frequency regime

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1336-1344 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced upconversion in novel KLu2F7:Er3+ transparent oxyfluoride glass-ceramics

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1367-1372 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Refractive index dispersion of chalcogenide glasses for ultra-high numerical-aperture fiber for mid-infrared supercontinuum generation

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1444-1455 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF


Direct deposition strategy for highly ordered inorganic organic perovskite thin films and their optoelectronic applications

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1313-1323 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Fabrication and characterization of CMOS-compatible integrated tungsten heaters for thermo-optic tuning in silicon photonics devices

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1383-1388 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Organics and Polymers

Curing kinetics of step-index and graded-index single mode polymer self-written waveguides

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1324-1335 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Rare-Earth-Doped Materials

Efficient near-infrared down-conversion in KCaGd(PO4)2:Ce3+,Yb3+

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1456-1464 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF


Broadband measurements of the refractive indices of bulk gallium nitride

Opt. Mater. Express 4(7), 1287-1296 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

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