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15 August 2018, Volume 43, Issue 16, pp. 3806-4064   65 articles


Diffraction and Gratings

Self-healing of space-time light sheets

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3830-3833 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Observation of microscale nonparaxial optical bottle beams

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3878-3881 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Trimming method for a high-yield manufacturing of high-efficiency diffraction gratings

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4017-4020 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

400-Gbit/s QPSK free-space optical communication link based on four-fold multiplexing of Hermite–Gaussian or Laguerre–Gaussian modes by varying both modal indices

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3889-3892 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Strain-assisted femtosecond inscription of phase-shifted gratings

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3893-3896 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Soliton-like pulse propagation in a normal dispersive liquid-core optical fiber

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3897-3900 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Raman-assisted phase sensitive amplifier using a fiber Bragg grating-based tunable phase shifter

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3949-3952 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

In-fiber whispering-gallery mode microsphere resonator-based integrated device

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3961-3964 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Simple-structured, subfemtosecond-resolution optical-microwave phase detector

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3997-4000 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Fourier Optics, Image and Signal Processing

Talbot effect on orbital angular momentum beams: azimuthal intensity repetition-rate multiplication

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4033-4036 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Fundamental Optics

Twisted EM beams with structured correlations

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3905-3908 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems

Full characterization of spatial coregistration errors and spatial resolution in spectral imagers

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3814-3817 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Ultrasound-modulated optical tomography in scattering media: flux filtering based on persistent spectral hole burning in the optical diagnosis window

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3993-3996 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging using hyperuniform sampling with a single-pixel camera

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4049-4052 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Controllable trapping and releasing of nanoparticles by a standing wave on optical waveguides

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3901-3904 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Crossing-free on-chip 2  ×  2 polarization-transparent switch with signals regrouping function

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4009-4012 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

20  kW class high-beam-quality CW laser amplifier chain based on a Yb:YAG slab at room temperature

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3838-3841 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Few-layer Ti3C2Tx (T = O, OH, or F) saturable absorber for a femtosecond bulk laser

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3862-3865 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Controlled generation of ultrafast vector vortex beams from a mode-locked fiber laser

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3933-3936 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Watt-level narrow-linewidth fibered laser source at 852 nm for FIB application

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3937-3940 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Thin-rod Yb:YAG amplifiers for high average and peak power lasers

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3941-3944 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Simultaneous generation of high-power, ultrafast 1D and 2D Airy beams and their frequency-doubling characteristics

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3957-3960 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Graphene mode-locked femtosecond Alexandrite laser

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3969-3972 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Intensity noise in high-frequency range of an external cavity diode laser and its reduction by second harmonic generation

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3973-3976 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Pure-three-level Yb:GdCOB CW laser at 976  nm

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3981-3984 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhancement of the lasing efficiency of vitamin B2 in a highly polar organic solvent via DNA-lipid complex

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4021-4024 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Differential phase-shift-keying demodulation by coherent perfect absorption in silicon photonics

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4061-4064 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Materials and Metamaterials

High-Q Fano resonances via direct excitation of an antisymmetric dark mode

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3818-3821 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient terahertz and infrared Smith–Purcell radiation from metal-slot metasurfaces

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3858-3861 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Hollow complementary omega-ring-shaped metamaterial modulators with dual-band tunability

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3913-3916 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Magneto-optical effects in hyperbolic metamaterials

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3917-3920 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Nanophotonic control of the color center emission from nanodiamonds

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3989-3992 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Magneto-optical Faraday effect in dysprosium oxide (Dy2O3) based ceramics obtained by vacuum sintering

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4041-4044 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Medical Optics and Biotechnology

Ultrafast optical imaging at 2.0  μm through second-harmonic-generation-based time-stretch at 1.0  μm

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3822-3825 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Hybrid Monte Carlo simulation with ray tracing for fluorescence measurements in turbid media

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3846-3849 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Observation of short wavelength infrared (SWIR) Cherenkov emission

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3854-3857 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Fast analysis method for stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy using multiple measurement vector model sparse Bayesian learning

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3977-3980 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Large Brillouin gain in Germania-doped core optical fibers up to a 98  mol% doping level

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4005-4008 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Ruby fluorescence-enabled ultralong lock-on time high-gain gallium arsenic photoconductive semiconductor switch

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3929-3932 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Dynamic tuning of the Q factor in a photonic crystal nanocavity through photonic transitions

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3945-3948 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Sensors, Measurements, and Metrology

Spotlight on Optics

Spectrally resolved thermal emission of atmospheric gases measured by laser heterodyne spectrometry

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3810-3813 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Hybrid diagnostic for optimizing domain size and resolution of 3D measurements

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3842-3845 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Natural convection induced by an optically fabricated and actuated microtool with a thermoplasmonic disk

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3870-3873 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Temperature-dependent persistent luminescence of SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+, Tb3+: a strategy of optical thermometry avoiding real-time excitation

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3882-3884 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Elastomer thin-film pressure sensor based on embedded photonic tunnel-junction arrays

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3953-3956 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectroscopic characterization of Si/Mo thin-film stack at extreme ultraviolet range

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4029-4032 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Physical Optics

Arbitrarily spin-orientated and super-resolved focal spot

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3826-3829 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Continuous every-single-shot carrier-envelope phase measurement and control at 100 kHz

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3850-3853 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Energy enhancement of the target surface electron by using a 200 TW sub-picosecond laser

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3909-3912 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Mutual interaction of red blood cells assessed by optical tweezers and scanning electron microscopy imaging

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3921-3924 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Micro-lensing-induced line shapes in a single-mode cold-atom–hollow-core-fiber interface

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3925-3928 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Near field focusing by edge diffraction

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4053-4056 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Plasmonics and Optics at Surfaces

Phase-sensitivity-doubled surface plasmon resonance sensing via self-mixing interference

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4001-4004 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Direct measurement of the composite Goos–Hänchen shift of an optical beam

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4037-4040 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum Optics and Quantum Communication

Bounding the outcome of a two-photon interference measurement using weak coherent states

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3806-3809 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Manipulation of the spontaneous parametric down-conversion process in space and frequency domains via wavefront shaping

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3985-3988 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Assessing frequency correlation through a distinguishability measurement

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4045-4048 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF


Microfluidic single-particle chemical analyzer with dual-comb coherent Raman spectroscopy

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4057-4060 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Thin Films and Other Optical Design and Fabrication

Modal area statistics for transverse Anderson localization in disordered optical fibers

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3834-3837 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase transformation induced reversible modulation of upconversion luminescence of WO3:Yb3+, Er3+ phosphor for switching devices

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3885-3888 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Goos–Hänchen effect for Brillouin light scattering by acoustic phonons

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3965-3968 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Coherent perfect absorption in wedged organic thin films: a method to determine optical properties

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 4013-4016 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Editors' Pick

Spectral pulse shaping of a 5  Hz, multi-joule, broadband optical parametric chirped pulse amplification frontend for a 10  PW laser system

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3866-3869 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

X-ray Microscopy and Imaging

Retrieval of weak x-ray scattering using edge illumination

Opt. Lett. 43(16), 3874-3877 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

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