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7 June 2010, Volume 18, Issue 12, pp. 12044-13308   134 articles


Adaptive Optics

A novel adaptive mechanical-wetting lens for visible and near infrared imaging

Opt. Express 18(12), 12430-12435 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Fluorescence spectra of atmospheric aerosol particles measured using one or two excitation wavelengths: Comparison of classification schemes employing different emission and scattering results

Opt. Express 18(12), 12436-12457 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Moment-based estimation for the shape parameters of the Gamma-Gamma atmospheric turbulence model.

Opt. Express 18(12), 12824-12831 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Coherence and Statistical Optics

Propagation factor of a stochastic electromagnetic Gaussian Schell-model beam

Opt. Express 18(12), 12587-12598 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental generating the partially coherent and partially polarized electromagnetic source

Opt. Express 18(12), 12864-12871 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


Resonant-cavity-enhanced mid-infrared photodetector on a silicon platform

Opt. Express 18(12), 12890-12896 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Diffraction and Gratings

Imprinted terahertz artificial dielectric quarter wave plates

Opt. Express 18(12), 12168-12175 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Multi-wavelength study of light transmitted through a single marine centric diatom

Opt. Express 18(12), 12203-12212 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Natural quasy-periodic binary structure with focusing property in near field diffraction pattern

Opt. Express 18(12), 12526-12536 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Planar high-numerical-aperture low-loss focusing reflectors and lenses using subwavelength high contrast gratings

Opt. Express 18(12), 12606-12614 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of multiplexed phase diffractive optical elements for focal depth extension

Opt. Express 18(12), 12798-12806 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Focusing properties of Fresnel zone plates with spiral phase

Opt. Express 18(12), 12818-12823 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Sidelobe suppression in all-fiber acousto-optic tunable filter using torsional acoustic wave

Opt. Express 18(12), 12059-12064 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Bit-error rate performance of coherent optical M-ary PSK/QAM using decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimation

Opt. Express 18(12), 12088-12103 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact all-fiber optical Faraday components using 65-wt%-terbium–doped fiber with a record Verdet constant of −32 rad/(Tm)

Opt. Express 18(12), 12191-12196 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Improved bending property of half-filled photonic crystal fiber

Opt. Express 18(12), 12197-12202 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Performance of short-range non-line-of-sight LED-based ultraviolet communication receivers

Opt. Express 18(12), 12226-12238 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Adaptive multi/demultiplexers for optical signals with arbitrary wavelength spacing

Opt. Express 18(12), 12277-12282 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Matched cascade of bandgap-shift and frequency-conversion using stimulated Raman scattering in a tapered hollow-core photonic crystal fibre

Opt. Express 18(12), 12381-12390 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of optical steganography transmission using temporal phase coded optical signals with spectral notch filtering

Opt. Express 18(12), 12415-12420 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Highly efficient 750 W tapered double-clad ytterbium fiber laser

Opt. Express 18(12), 12499-12512 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Enabling coherent superpositions of iso-frequency optical states in multimode fibers

Opt. Express 18(12), 12622-12629 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

System feasibility of using stimulated Brillouin scattering in self coherent detection schemes

Opt. Express 18(12), 12702-12707 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Toward a broadband astro-comb: effects of nonlinear spectral broadening in optical fibers

Opt. Express 18(12), 12736-12747 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Transmission of 20-Gb/s OFDM signals occupying 7-GHz license-free band at 60 GHz using a RoF system employing frequency sextupling optical up-conversion

Opt. Express 18(12), 12748-12755 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Characterization of long-haul 112Gbit/s PDM-QAM-16 transmission with and without digital nonlinearity compensation

Opt. Express 18(12), 12939-12947 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Long distance transmission in few-mode fibers

Opt. Express 18(12), 13250-13257 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


White light reconstruction of image plane digital holograms

Opt. Express 18(12), 12675-12680 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Image Processing

Transport of Intensity phase-amplitude imaging with higher order intensity derivatives

Opt. Express 18(12), 12552-12561 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

High order statistics based blind deconvolution of bi-level images with unknown intensity values

Opt. Express 18(12), 12872-12889 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Reconstruction of fluorescence/bioluminescence sources in biological medium with spatial filter

Opt. Express 18(12), 13151-13172 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems

Elimination of phase singularity to achieve superresolution in lossy metamaterials

Opt. Express 18(12), 12269-12276 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

MTF of compound eye

Opt. Express 18(12), 12304-12310 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced extended range underwater imaging via structured illumination

Opt. Express 18(12), 12328-12340 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Autonomous tip/tilt alignment and phasing of a distributed aperture imaging testbed

Opt. Express 18(12), 13051-13056 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Highly flexible MTF measurement system for tunable micro lenses

Opt. Express 18(12), 12458-12469 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Silicon-on-sapphire integrated waveguides for the mid-infrared

Opt. Express 18(12), 12127-12135 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Ion-exchanged Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped waveguide amplifiers longitudinally pumped by broad area lasers

Opt. Express 18(12), 12690-12701 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Propagation characteristics of hybrid modes supported by metal-low-high index waveguides and bends

Opt. Express 18(12), 12971-12979 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Flat and low dispersion in highly nonlinear slot waveguides

Opt. Express 18(12), 13187-13193 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast laser inscription of a high-gain Er-doped bismuthate glass waveguide amplifier

Opt. Express 18(12), 13212-13219 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Design and analysis of metal/multi-insulator/metal waveguide plasmonic Bragg grating

Opt. Express 18(12), 13258-13270 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser Microfabrication

Fabrication of three-dimensional 1 × 4 splitter waveguides inside a glass substrate with spatially phase modulated laser beam

Opt. Express 18(12), 12136-12143 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

On femtosecond micromachining of HPHT single-crystal diamond with direct laser writing using tight focusing

Opt. Express 18(12), 13122-13135 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Stable continuous-wave single-frequency Nd:YAG blue laser at 473 nm considering the influence of the energy-transfer upconversion

Opt. Express 18(12), 12044-12051 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Diode-end-pumped passively Q-switched 1.33 µm Nd:Gd3AlxGa5-xO12 laser with V3+: YAG saturable absorber

Opt. Express 18(12), 12052-12058 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Theoretical and experimental study on the Nd:YAG/BaWO4/KTP yellow laser generating 8.3 W output power

Opt. Express 18(12), 12111-12118 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

High efficient single-frequency output at 1991 nm from a diode-pumped Tm:YAP coupled cavity

Opt. Express 18(12), 12161-12167 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Widely tunable dual-wavelength Er3+-doped fiber laser for tunable continuous-wave terahertz radiation

Opt. Express 18(12), 12291-12297 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Theoretical calculation and experimental study of acousto-optically Q-switched CO2 laser

Opt. Express 18(12), 12371-12380 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Alignment-to-polarization projection in dye-doped nematic liquid crystal microlasers

Opt. Express 18(12), 12562-12568 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear mirror modelocking of a bounce geometry laser

Opt. Express 18(12), 12663-12668 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

High average and peak power few-cycle laser pulses delivered by fiber pumped OPCPA system

Opt. Express 18(12), 12719-12726 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Dual-wavelength mode-locked quantum-dot laser, via ground and excited state transitions: experimental and theoretical investigation

Opt. Express 18(12), 12832-12838 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Low threshold lasing from dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal multi-layered structures

Opt. Express 18(12), 12909-12914 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Large-area organic distributed feedback laser fabricated by nanoreplica molding and horizontal dipping

Opt. Express 18(12), 12980-12991 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Characterizing ultrabroadband attosecond lasers

Opt. Express 18(12), 13006-13016 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Suppression of parasitic oscillations in a core-doped ceramic Nd:YAG laser by Sm:YAG cladding

Opt. Express 18(12), 13094-13101 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Monolithic all-glass pump combiner scheme for high-power fiber laser systems

Opt. Express 18(12), 13194-13203 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


Random lasing in ballistic and diffusive regimes for macroporous silica-based systems with tunable scattering strength

Opt. Express 18(12), 12153-12160 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Broadband NIR photoluminescence from Bi-doped Ba2P2O7 crystals: Insights into the nature of NIR-emitting Bismuth centers

Opt. Express 18(12), 12852-12863 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Medical Optics and Biotechnology

3D In Vivo optical coherence tomography based on a low-voltage, large-scan-range 2D MEMS mirror

Opt. Express 18(12), 12065-12075 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Fourier domain pump-probe optical coherence tomography imaging of Melanin

Opt. Express 18(12), 12399-12410 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Implantable semiconductor biosensor for continuous in vivo sensing of far-red fluorescent molecules

Opt. Express 18(12), 12513-12525 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

A low-cost, portable, and quantitative spectral imaging system for application to biological tissues

Opt. Express 18(12), 12630-12645 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Image processing guided analysis for estimation of bacteria colonies number by means of optical transforms

Opt. Express 18(12), 12992-13005 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

In vivo quantitative bioluminescence tomography using heterogeneous and homogeneous mouse models

Opt. Express 18(12), 13102-13113 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Selective imaging of nano-particle contrast agents by a single-shot x-ray diffraction technique

Opt. Express 18(12), 13271-13278 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


Anomalous reflection from hybrid metamaterial slab

Opt. Express 18(12), 12119-12126 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Intra-connected three-dimensionally isotropic bulk negative index photonic metamaterial

Opt. Express 18(12), 12348-12353 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Hybrid metamaterial design and fabrication for terahertz resonance response enhancement

Opt. Express 18(12), 12421-12429 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Asymmetric planar terahertz metamaterials

Opt. Express 18(12), 13044-13050 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


Electron beam excitation assisted optical microscope with ultra-high resolution

Opt. Express 18(12), 12897-12902 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Delivery of picosecond lasers in multimode fibers for coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering imaging

Opt. Express 18(12), 13017-13028 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Zeeman laser scanning confocal microscope and its ability on reduction of specimen-induced spherical aberration

Opt. Express 18(12), 13136-13150 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Giant enhancement of second-harmonic generation in multiple diffraction orders from sub-wavelength resonant waveguide grating

Opt. Express 18(12), 12298-12303 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Highly nonlinear hybrid AsSe-PMMA microtapers

Opt. Express 18(12), 12391-12398 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Raman beam cleanup in silicon in the mid-infrared

Opt. Express 18(12), 12411-12414 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Improving the efficiency of an optical parametric oscillator by tailoring the pump pulse shape

Opt. Express 18(12), 12669-12674 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Type-0 second order nonlinear interaction in monolithic waveguides of isotropic semiconductors

Opt. Express 18(12), 12681-12689 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Soliton mediated optical quantization in the transmission of one-dimensional photonic crystals

Opt. Express 18(12), 12708-12718 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Measurements of nonlinear refractive index in scattering media

Opt. Express 18(12), 12727-12735 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Propagation of laser radiation in a medium with thermally induced birefringence and cubic nonlinearity

Opt. Express 18(12), 12839-12851 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Modal effects on pump-pulse propagation in an Ar-filled capillary

Opt. Express 18(12), 13279-13284 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Design and Fabrication

The Offner imaging spectrometer in quadrature

Opt. Express 18(12), 12756-12769 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Two-step method for lens system design

Opt. Express 18(12), 13285-13300 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Optical properties of red emitting self-assembled InP/(Al0.20Ga0.80)0.51In0.49P quantum dot based micropillars

Opt. Express 18(12), 12543-12551 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of short range forces in opto-mechanical devices with a nanogap

Opt. Express 18(12), 12615-12621 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

UV patterned nanoporous solid-liquid core waveguides

Opt. Express 18(12), 12903-12908 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhancement of quality factor for TE whispering-gallery modes in microcylinder resonators

Opt. Express 18(12), 13057-13062 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Emission polarization control in semiconductor quantum dots coupled to a photonic crystal microcavity

Opt. Express 18(12), 13301-13308 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics at Surfaces

Enhanced emission from BaMgAl10O17:Eu2+ by localized surface plasmon resonance of silver particles

Opt. Express 18(12), 12144-12152 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Surface plasmon-coupled emission from shaped PMMA films doped with fluorescence molecules

Opt. Express 18(12), 12185-12190 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Negative index modes in surface plasmon waveguides: a study of the relations between lossless and lossy cases

Opt. Express 18(12), 12213-12225 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Long-range surface magnetoplasmon on thin plasmon films in the Voigt configuration

Opt. Express 18(12), 12470-12481 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Large dynamic resonance transition between surface plasmon and localized surface plasmon modes

Opt. Express 18(12), 12482-12488 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Spontaneous decay of a single quantum dot coupled to a metallic slot waveguide in the presence of leaky plasmonic modes

Opt. Express 18(12), 12489-12498 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Negative refractive index in coaxial plasmon waveguides

Opt. Express 18(12), 12770-12778 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Average enhancement factor of molecules-doped coreshell (Ag@SiO2) on fluorescence

Opt. Express 18(12), 12788-12797 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Surface plasmon-enhanced and quenched two-photon excited fluorescence

Opt. Express 18(12), 12807-12817 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Broadband coupler between silicon waveguide and hybrid plasmonic waveguide

Opt. Express 18(12), 13173-13179 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics in Computing

All-optical memory operation of 980-nm polarization bistable VCSEL for 20-Gb/s PRBS RZ and 40-Gb/s NRZ data signals

Opt. Express 18(12), 12362-12370 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


Influence of carrier transport on Raman amplification in silicon waveguides

Opt. Express 18(12), 12569-12580 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic Crystals and Devices

Tunable-wavelength second harmonic generation from GaP photonic crystal cavities coupled to fiber tapers

Opt. Express 18(12), 12176-12184 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Coupled defects in one-dimensional photonic crystal films fabricated with glancing angle deposition

Opt. Express 18(12), 13220-13226 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Physical Optics

Study on the time-varying and propagating characteristics of ultrashort pulse Laguerre-Gaussian beam

Opt. Express 18(12), 12104-12110 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Degradation of cloaking by two closely neighboring cloaks

Opt. Express 18(12), 12262-12268 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Electrically controlled multifrequency ferroelectric cloak

Opt. Express 18(12), 12646-12652 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Guided modes near the Dirac point in negative-zero-positive index metamaterial waveguide

Opt. Express 18(12), 12779-12787 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Isotropic nonmagnetic flat cloaks degenerated from homogeneous anisotropic trapeziform cloaks

Opt. Express 18(12), 13038-13043 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum Optics

Testing ultrafast two-photon spectral amplitudes via optical fibres

Opt. Express 18(12), 12915-12922 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

High speed optical quantum random number generation

Opt. Express 18(12), 13029-13037 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient generation of highly squeezed light with periodically poled MgO:LiNbO3

Opt. Express 18(12), 13114-13121 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Remote Sensing

NLFM waveform generation using tunable integrated optical ring resonators: simulation and proof of concept experiment

Opt. Express 18(12), 12537-12542 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


Digital phase conjugation of second harmonic radiation emitted by nanoparticles in turbid media

Opt. Express 18(12), 12283-12290 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


Measurements of polarimetric sensitivity to hydrostatic pressure, strain and temperature in birefringent dual-core microstructured polymer fiber

Opt. Express 18(12), 12076-12087 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

An optically-interrogated microwave-Poynting-vector sensor using cadmium manganese telluride

Opt. Express 18(12), 12239-12248 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

In-series double cladding fibers for simultaneous refractive index and temperature measurement

Opt. Express 18(12), 13072-13082 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber optic long period grating sensors with a nanoassembled mesoporous film of SiO2 nanoparticles

Opt. Express 18(12), 13227-13238 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Slow and Fast Light

Advanced and delayed images through an image resonator

Opt. Express 18(12), 12599-12605 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Simultaneous observation of superluminal and slow light propagation in a nested fiber ring resonator

Opt. Express 18(12), 13180-13186 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Practical tests for distinguishing slow light from saturable absorption

Opt. Express 18(12), 13204-13211 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


Design of high-energy terahertz sources based on optical rectification

Opt. Express 18(12), 12311-12327 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Direct measurement of cyclotron coherence times of high-mobility two-dimensional electron gases

Opt. Express 18(12), 12354-12361 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

In-situ determination of astro-comb calibrator lines to better than 10 cm s−1

Opt. Express 18(12), 13239-13249 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Thin Films

Antireflection coatings for multilayer-type photonic crystals

Opt. Express 18(12), 12249-12261 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of highly transparent glasses with broadband antireflective subwavelength structures

Opt. Express 18(12), 13063-13071 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Self-collimating photonic crystal antireflection structure for both TE and TM polarizations

Opt. Express 18(12), 13083-13093 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Distortionless large-ratio stretcher for ultra-short pulses using photonic crystal fiber

Opt. Express 18(12), 12341-12347 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Mechanism of depolarization of white light generated by femtosecond laser pulse in water

Opt. Express 18(12), 12581-12586 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Formation of filament and plasma channel by the Bessel incident beam in Ar gas: role of the outer part of the beam

Opt. Express 18(12), 12923-12938 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Pulse-contrast degradation due to pump phase-modulation in optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification system

Opt. Express 18(12), 12948-12959 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

X-ray Optics

Small-angle scattering computed tomography (SAS-CT) using a Talbot-Lau interferometer and a rotating anode x-ray tube: theory and experiments

Opt. Express 18(12), 12960-12970 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

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