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20 August 2010, Volume 49, Issue 24, pp. 4483-4676   24 articles


Optical Technology


Crosstalk quantification, analysis, and trends in CMOS image sensors

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4483-4488 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Diffraction and Gratings

Effects of thermal modulation on diffraction in liquid crystal composite gratings

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4633-4640 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Analysis of transmission mode of a matched fiber Bragg grating interrogation scheme

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4498-4505 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Analytical modeling of the gas-filling dynamics in photonic crystal fibers

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4604-4609 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

Wavelet-RX anomaly detection for dual-band forward-looking infrared imagery

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4621-4632 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems

Noise properties in a two-arm microscope imaging system with classical thermal light

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4554-4557 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Design and Fabrication

Performance improvement of optical fiber coupler with electric heating versus gas heating

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4514-4519 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Compact terahertz wave polarizing beam splitter

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4494-4497 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Color temperature tunable white-light light-emitting diode clusters with high color rendering index

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4670-4676 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Thin Films

Substrate temperature and strain during sputter deposition of aluminum on cast borosilicate glass in a Gemini Observatory coating chamber

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4610-4620 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Information Processing


Method to calculate the far field of three-dimensional objects for computer-generated holography

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4647-4654 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

Detection and correction of spectral and spatial misregistrations for hyperspectral data using phase correlation method

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4568-4575 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Displacement field analysis based on the combination digital speckle correlation method with radial basis function interpolation

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4545-4553 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Aggregation process of optical properties and temperature over heterogeneous surfaces in infrared domain

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4655-4669 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF


Improved regularized solution of the inverse problem in turbidimetric measurements

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4591-4603 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Edge-effect contribution to the extinction of light by dielectric disks and cylindrical particles

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4641-4646 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Generation of double femtosecond pulses by using two transmissive gratings

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4506-4513 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers, Photonics, and Environmental Optics

Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Cramer–Rao lower bound on range error for LADARs with Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4581-4590 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

All-fiber periodically Q-switched laser

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4520-4523 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Stable Q-switched and mode-locked Nd:GdVO4/KTP green laser with dual-loss-modulation

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4524-4530 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact high-efficiency 100-W-level diode-side-pumped Nd:YAG laser with linearly polarized TEM00 mode output

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4576-4580 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Characterization and control of pulse shapes in a doubly resonant synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4489-4493 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Mueller-matrix characterization of beetle cuticle: polarized and unpolarized reflections from representative architectures

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4558-4567 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Biomedical Optics

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Feasibility study: fluorescence lidar for remote bird classification

Appl. Opt. 49(24), 4531-4544 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

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