Optics in Biology and Medicine

  • Spotlight Summary by Kimberley S. Samkoe

    • Measuring sickle cell morphology during blood flow
    • Biomed. Opt. Express 8(3) 1996-2003 (2017) View: HTML | PDF


  • Spotlight Summary by Werner Weiershausen

    • Highly Available SDN Control of Flexi-Grid Networks With Network Function Virtualization-Enabled Replication
    • J. Opt. Commun. Netw. 9(2) A207-A215 (2017) View: HTML | PDF

Vision and Color

  • Spotlight Summary by Jason Porter

    • Interaction of aberrations, diffraction, and quantal fluctuations determine the impact of pupil size on visual quality
    • J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 34(4) 481-492 (2017) View: HTML | PDF