10 March 2020, Volume 59, Issue 8, pp. 2211-2667  
64 articles


Stacked volume holographic gratings for extending the operational wavelength range in LED and solar applications

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2569-2579 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Conception of diffractive wavefront correction for XUV and soft x-ray spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2580-2590 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Theoretical and experimental comparison of a distributed acoustic sensor at 850- and 1550-nm wavelengths

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2219-2224 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Reduction of modal noise due to fiber/photodetector misalignment in SSMF links based on 850 nm VCSELs through a low-cost polymer coupling structure

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2329-2336 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Temperature self-compensation strain sensor based on cascaded concave-lens-like long-period fiber gratings

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2352-2358 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Multiplexed dynamic strain sensing system based on a fiber ring laser using a non-tunable fiber Fabry–Perot filter

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2375-2379 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Method of reducing thermal-induced errors of a fiber optic gyroscope by adding additional winding layers

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2462-2467 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Polar-groups-modified polyimide based on a fiber Bragg grating for relative humidity sensors

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2468-2473 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Far-field diffraction pattern of a nonideal retroreflector for polarized light with an oblique incidence

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2621-2631 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Comparison of wavefront recording plane-based hologram calculations: ray-tracing method versus look-up table method

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2400-2408 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical image encryption based on biometric keys and singular value decomposition

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2422-2430 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Simulation of a machine vision system for reflective surface defect inspection based on ray tracing

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2656-2666 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact radial shearing interferometer with a randomly encoded cosinusoidal zone plate for wavefront measurements

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2211-2218 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Proof of the feasibility of a nanocell-based wide-range optical magnetometer

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2231-2237 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for detection of elements in flowback water samples from shale gas wells

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2254-2261 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Three-degree-of-freedom autocollimator based on a combined target reflector

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2262-2269 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Measurement of position synchronization of high-precision dual parallel motion stages by digital image correlation technique

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2283-2290 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Improved method for damping coefficient measurement based on spectral analysis of a self-mixing signal

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2386-2392 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Geometric phase analysis method using a subpixel displacement match algorithm

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2393-2399 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Optical coherence tomography imaging of plant root growth in soil

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2474-2481 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (6)]

System design and error correction for 300 mm aperture vertical Fizeau spatial-temporal phase-shifting interferometer

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2513-2520 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Method of improving the measurement accuracy of plane array imaging laser radar by pixel cascade

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2541-2550 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Atacama sub-millimeter telescope experiment polarimeter (APol) I: design and lab-test result

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2593-2599 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Theoretical analysis of a white-light LED array based on a GaN nanorod structure

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2345-2351 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Designing an ultracompact all-optical 4-to-2 encoder and investigating its optical power consumption

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2409-2415 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

High-efficiency end-fire 3D optical phased array based on a multi-layer Si3N4/SiO2 platform

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2489-2497 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of a 10 kW level diode laser optical stack with a line shape beam spot

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2319-2324 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

30 W single-frequency continuous-wave master oscillator power amplifier laser at 1342 nm

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2606-2609 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Influence of amplified spontaneous emission on laser linewidth in a fiber amplifier

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2610-2614 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

High-peak-power Q-switched 1988 nm bulk laser based on an electro-optical La3Ga5SiO14 modulator

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2616-2620 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Numerical simulation of a highly directional optical leaky wave antenna using diamond-shaped graphene perturbations

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2225-2230 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Volatile and permanent optical gratings recorded in Bi2TeO5 photorefractive crystal under high cw intensity

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2248-2253 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

High resolution and sensitivity up-conversion mid-infrared photon-counting LIDAR

open access Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2365-2369 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Predicting the multiwavelength fiber Brillouin cavity based on the finite element method

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2380-2385 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Nano-antenna synthesis for an arbitrary far-field radiation pattern and polarization based on vector spherical wave functions expansion

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2431-2442 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Development of an autofocusing system using an electrically tunable lens in large area holographic lithography

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2521-2529 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Fabrication of aspherical polymeric lenses using tunable ferrogel molds

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2632-2640 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Magnetic induction tomography of structural defects with alkali–metal spin maser

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2276-2282 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Extinction ratio and image accuracy of relayed-microgrid polarimetric imaging systems: theory and experiment

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2298-2307 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Parametric optimization of visible wavelength gold lattice geometries for improved plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2308-2318 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Demodulation of a weak fiber Bragg grating array using a fiber delay line

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2325-2328 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Non-steady-state photo-EMF interferometer for detection of mechanical oscillations in transparent scattering objects

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2370-2374 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Substantial increase in detection efficiency for filter array-based spectral sensors

open access Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2443-2451 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Video microscopy-based accurate optical force measurement by exploring a frequency-changing sinusoidal stimulus

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2452-2456 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (4)]

Cryogen adaptive and integrated differential pressure sensor for level sensing based on an optical Fabry–Perot interferometer

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2457-2461 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Homo-epitaxial secondary growth of ZnO nanowire arrays for a UV-free warm white light-emitting diode application

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2498-2504 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Polarization-coded material classification in automotive LIDAR aiming at safer autonomous driving implementations

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2530-2540 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Unibody microscope objective tipped with a microsphere: design, fabrication, and application in subwavelength imaging

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2641-2648 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Algorithm for the numerical calculation of the serial components of the normal form of depolarizing Mueller matrices

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2291-2297 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental investigation of laser engraving quality on paper

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2416-2421 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Geometrical optics approximation for plane-wave scattering by a rectangular groove on a surface

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2600-2605 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Complex refractive indices measurements of polymers in visible and near-infrared bands

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2337-2344 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (7)]

Electron number density conservation model combined with a self-absorption correction methodology for analysis of nanostructure plasma using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2559-2568 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

WIDECARS multi-parameter measurements in premixed ethylene–air flames using a wavelength stable ultrabroadband dye laser

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2649-2655 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

X-ray phase imaging with the unified modulated pattern analysis of near-field speckles at a laboratory source

open access Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2270-2275 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Polarization-independent guided-mode resonance filtering by all-dielectric gratings in the terahertz region

Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2482-2488 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Adjacency radiance around a small island: implications for system vicarious calibrations: publisher’s note

open access Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2592-2592 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical method to characterize and assess setting evolution of cement pastes: publisher’s note

open access Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2591-2591 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficiency enhancement of ultrathin CIGS solar cells by optimal bandgap grading: erratum

open access Appl. Opt. 59(8), 2615-2615 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF