1 August 2019, Volume 58, Issue 22, pp. 5883-6203; Feat. pp: BGN1–F39  
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Optics at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: introduction to the focus issue

open access Appl. Opt. 58(22), BGN1-BGN1 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Upmost efficiency, few-micron-sized midwave infrared HgCdTe photodetectors

Appl. Opt. 58(22), F1-F9 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimization of FSO quantum backscatter communication

Appl. Opt. 58(22), F10-F13 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

Expansive scope of aplanatic concentrators and collimators

open access Appl. Opt. 58(22), F14-F20 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Spatial eigenmodes conversion with metasurfaces engraved in silicon ridge waveguides

Appl. Opt. 58(22), F21-F25 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultra-wideband and inexpensive glow discharge detector for millimeter-wave wireless communication based on upconversion to visual light

Appl. Opt. 58(22), F26-F31 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Compressive ultraspectral imaging using multiscale structured illumination

Appl. Opt. 58(22), F32-F39 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Moiré–Ronchigram analysis applied in the characterization of aberration surfaces and optical surface parameters from 3D wavefronts

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5976-5981 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Implementation of a speckle-correlation-based optical lever with extended dynamic range

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5982-5988 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (8)]

Editors' Pick

Performance analysis of adaptive optics with a phase retrieval algorithm in orbital-angular-momentum-based oceanic turbulence links

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6085-6090 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Automatic feature selection in EUV scatterometry

open access Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5916-5923 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Reconstruction of a complex profile shape by weighting basic characterization results for nanometrology

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6118-6125 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

LSTM networks enabled nonlinear equalization in 50-Gb/s PAM-4 transmission links

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6079-6084 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Stable L-band multiwavelength erbium-doped fiber laser based on four-wave mixing using nickel nanofluid

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6136-6143 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Calibration of camera intrinsic parameters based on the properties of the polar of circular points

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5901-5909 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Sagittal and tangential foci produced by tilted plane wavefronts refracted through simple lenses

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5959-5967 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Synthetic amplitude for improved reconstruction of noniterative phase holograms

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6144-6151 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Wave atoms for digital hologram compression

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6193-6203 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Simulating imaging-based tomographic systems using optical design software for resolving 3D structures of translucent media

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5942-5951 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Multimorphological top-hat-based multiscale target classification algorithm for real-time image processing

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6045-6056 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Dependence of the viewing angle control property of a guest-host liquid crystal cell on the extinction coefficient of the mixture

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6105-6111 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Resolution and signal-to-noise ratio enhancement for synthetic coded aperture imaging via varying pinhole array

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6157-6164 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Investigations of the MGy dose level radiation effects on the photometric budget of a radiation-hardened CMOS-based camera

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6165-6172 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Method to calibrate a full-Stokes polarimeter based on variable retarders

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5952-5957 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Three-dimensional range geometry compression via reduced entropy encoding of the image

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5968-5975 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Reconciling LED and monochromator-based measurements of spectral responsivity in solar cells

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6173-6181 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Solar autocalibrating XUV-IR spectrometer system (SOLACER) for the measurement of solar spectral irradiance

open access Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6182-6192 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

All-optical half-subtractor based on photonic crystals

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5931-5935 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Thermal management of photonic integrated circuits: impact of holder material and epoxies

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6126-6135 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Quadrature demodulation based on lock-in amplifier technique for self-mixing interferometry displacement sensor

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6098-6104 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Noise-like mode-locked Yb-doped fiber laser in a linear cavity based on SnS2 nanosheets as a saturable absorber

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6007-6011 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Residual modulation reduction in optical sectioning using a suitable spatial light modulator waveform

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5883-5891 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Bragg grating-based thermometer for drill bit temperature monitoring

open access Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5924-5930 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging effectiveness calculator for non-design microscope samples

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6027-6037 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Z-scan measurements of nonlinear refraction and absorption for aluminum-doped zinc oxide thin film

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6112-6117 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Study on the surface crystallization mechanism and inhibition method in the CMP process of aluminum alloy mirrors

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6091-6097 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Development and application of an airborne differential absorption lidar for the simultaneous measurement of ozone and water vapor profiles in the tropopause region

open access Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5892-5900 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical sizing of nanoparticles in thin films of nonabsorbing nanocolloids

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5989-5996 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

High-sensitivity broad free-spectral-range two-dimensional three-slot photonic crystal sensor integrated with a 1D photonic crystal bandgap filter

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5997-6002 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Remote temperature sensing with a low-threshold-power erbium-doped fiber laser

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6003-6006 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Bimorph deformable mirror with a high density of electrodes to correct for atmospheric distortions

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6019-6026 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

High-precision algorithms for critical angle refractive index measurement

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6057-6062 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Efficiency enhancement of ultrathin CIGS solar cells by optimal bandgap grading

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6067-6078 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Acousto-optic interaction between circularly polarized optical eigenwaves: example of AgGaS2 crystals

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6012-6018 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient C-band single-photon upconversion with chip-scale Ti-indiffused pp-LiNbO3 waveguides

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5910-5915 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

THz tomography for detecting damages on wood caused by insects

open access Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6063-6066 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Chiral response of a metasurface composed of nanoholes and tilted nanorods

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5936-5941 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Influence of the dielectric substrate on the effective optical constants of silver plasmonic films

Appl. Opt. 58(22), 6038-6044 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Evaluating an image-based bidirectional reflectance distribution function measurement setup: erratum

open access Appl. Opt. 58(22), 5958-5958 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF