20 June 2018, Volume 57, Issue 18, pp. 4950-5256; Feat. pp: AITA1–D170  
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Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications: introduction

open access Appl. Opt. 57(18), AITA1-AITA4 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Comparison and evaluation of geometric calibration methods for infrared cameras to perform metric measurements on a plane

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D1-D10 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Performance prediction of p-i-n HgCdTe long-wavelength infrared HOT photodiodes

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D11-D19 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Light intensity and FOV-controlled adaptive fluidic iris

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D27-D31 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Comparative study between linear and non-linear frequency-modulated pulse-compression thermography

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D32-D39 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Induction thermography of steel coupons with cracks

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D40-D48 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantitative evaluation of active thermography using contrast-to-noise ratio

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D49-D55 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Monte Carlo ray-trace diffraction based on the Huygens–Fresnel principle

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D56-D62 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Nondestructive testing of resistance spot welds using eddy current thermography

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D63-D68 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Accurate and rapid detection of soil and fertilizer properties based on visible/near-infrared spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D69-D73 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Eddy current pulsed thermography for ballistic impact evaluation in basalt-carbon hybrid composite panels

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D74-D81 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Wideband infrared trap detector based upon doped silicon photocurrent devices

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D82-D89 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Lock-in and pulsed thermography for solar cell testing

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D90-D97 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Deep learning enhancement of infrared face images using generative adversarial networks

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D98-D107 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

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Exploiting fusion architectures for multispectral pedestrian detection and segmentation

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D108-D116 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Noninvasive assessment of skin structure by combined photothermal radiometry and optical spectroscopy: coregistration with multiphoton microscopy

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D117-D122 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimized robotic setup for automated active thermography using advanced path planning and visibility study

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D123-D129 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Attojoule-efficient graphene optical modulators

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D130-D140 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

IGA-rule 17 for performance estimation of wavelength-extended InGaAs photodetectors: validity and limitations

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D141-D144 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of short wavelength infrared radiation during laser welding of plastics

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D145-D154 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Single-image-based nonuniformity correction of uncooled long-wave infrared detectors: a deep-learning approach

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D155-D164 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Dependence of temperature and far-field beam quality on substrate thickness of a spectral beam combining grating with 13.4  kW/cm2laser irradiation

Appl. Opt. 57(18), D165-D170 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical scanning of laser line sensors for 3D imaging

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5242-5248 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

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Fast and wide-range optical beam steering with ultralow side lobes by applying an optimized multi-circular optical phased array

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 4977-4984 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimization of a multiblaze grating in reflection using a free-form profile

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5048-5056 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Electrically tunable transmission-type beam deflector using liquid crystal with high angular resolution

open access Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5090-5094 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Cylinder-type fiber-optic Vernier probe based on cascaded Fabry–Perot interferometers with a controlled FSR ratio

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5043-5047 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Grating-assisted-cylindrical-resonant-cavities interlayer coupler

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5079-5089 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of 40  GBaud intradyne transmission through worst-case atmospheric turbulence conditions for geostationary satellite uplink

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5095-5101 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Dynamics simulation and experiment of smooth end face grinding on photonic crystal fiber

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5102-5111 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Study on the Shupe error of the elliptic fiber coil

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5210-5216 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Active depth estimation from defocus using a camera array

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 4960-4967 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Calibration method for division of focal plane polarimeters

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 4992-4996 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultra-high-speed indirect x-ray imaging system with versatile spatiotemporal sampling capabilities

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5004-5010 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Interference reduction using pattern modulation and demodulation for light-coding depth cameras

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5186-5195 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Two-dimensional shape retrieval from the interferometric out-of-focus image of a nonspherical particle—Part I: theory

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 4968-4976 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Forward fiber Fourier transform spectrometer modeling and design with PZT phase modulation real-time compensation

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5025-5035 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

High-precision calibration method for shear ratio based on the shearing wavefront feature extraction of a phase plate

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5121-5129 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Precise and robust binocular camera calibration based on multiple constraints

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5130-5140 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical design of a distributed zoom concentric multiscale meteorological instrument

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5168-5179 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

High-accuracy measurement of the focal length and distortion of optical systems based on interferometry

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5217-5223 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Continuously tunable true-time delay lines based on a one-dimensional grating waveguide for beam steering in phased array antennas

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 4998-5003 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Reusable thin-film all-polymer couplers for vertical light coupling to single-mode waveguides

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5161-5167 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Size effect of WSe2 on red passively Q-switched fiber laser output performance

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 4955-4959 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Elemental composition analysis of granite rocks using LIBS and LA-TOF-MS

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 4985-4991 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

870  fs, 448  kHz pulses from an all-polarization-maintaining Yb-doped fiber laser with a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5068-5071 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Numerical analysis of a multi-pass pumping Yb:YAG thick-disk laser with minimal heat generation

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5141-5149 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Octave-spanning optical frequency comb based on a laser-diode pumped Kerr-lens mode-locked Yb:KYW laser for optical frequency measurement

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5150-5160 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrashort pulse generation with an erbium-doped fiber laser ring cavity based on a copper oxide saturable absorber

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5180-5185 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

High-power tunable low-noise coherent source at 1.06  μm based on a surface-emitting semiconductor laser

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5224-5229 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Liquid crystal lens with corrected wavefront asymmetry

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5072-5078 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

All-optical wavelength conversion for telecommunication mode-division multiplexing signals in integrated silicon waveguides

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5036-5042 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

In-plane coupled Fabry–Perot micro-cavities based on Si-air Bragg mirrors: a theoretical and practical study

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5112-5120 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Large-area flexible infrared nanowire grid polarizer fabricated using nanoimprint lithography

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5230-5234 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Ray refraction in uniaxial crystals by Fermat’s principle

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 4950-4954 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Second-order interferometric autocorrelation for measuring group velocity dispersion and pulse broadening of femtosecond pulses

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5011-5018 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Temperature field investigation of hydrogen/air and syngas/air axisymmetric laminar flames using Mach–Zehnder interferometry

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5057-5067 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

1.6:1 bandwidth two-layer antireflection structure for silicon matched to the 190–310  GHz atmospheric window

Appl. Opt. 57(18), 5196-5209 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF