10 January 2014, Volume 53, Issue 2, pp. 156-315  
23 articles


Improvement of the validity of the simplified modal method for designing a subwavelength dielectric transmission grating

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 259-268 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Temperature and bending simultaneous sensing properties of cascaded long- and short-period gratings

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 165-173 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Determination of the Mueller matrix of UV-inscribed long-period fiber grating

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 269-277 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Discussion and a new attack of the optical asymmetric cryptosystem based on phase-truncated Fourier transform

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 208-213 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

High-speed scanning stroboscopic fringe-pattern projection technology for three-dimensional shape precision measurement

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 174-183 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

White light differential interference contrast microscope with a Sagnac interferometer

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 296-300 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

GeSi modulator based on two-mode interference

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 221-225 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Modifying the laser beam intensity distribution for obtaining improved strength characteristics of an optical trap

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 156-164 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Large-energy, narrow-bandwidth laser pulse at 1645  nm in a diode-pumped Er:YAG solid-state laser passively Q-switched by a monolayer graphene saturable absorber

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 254-258 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Intensity ratio approach for 3D profile measurement based on projection of triangular patterns

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 200-207 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical performance of mesostructured composite silica film loaded with organic dye

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 291-295 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Intraocular lens based on double-liquid variable-focus lens

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 249-253 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

Controllable color display induced by excitation-intensity-dependent competition between second and third harmonic generation in ZnO nanorods

open access Appl. Opt. 53(2), 189-194 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of adjusting effects of mounting force on frequency conversion of mounted nonlinear optics

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 283-290 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Research on controlling thermal deformable mirror’s influence functions via manipulating thermal fields

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 237-243 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Bio-inspired thin and flat solar concentrator for efficient, wide acceptance angle light collection

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 306-315 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Channel waveguide lasers at 1064  nm in Nd:YAG crystal produced by C5+ ion irradiation with shadow masking

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 195-199 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Tuning the lateral leakage loss of TM-like modes in shallow-etched waveguides using liquid crystals

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 214-220 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Liquid crystal microlens with dual apertures and electrically controlling focus shift

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 244-248 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Inverse conoscopy: a method to measure polarization using patterns generated by a single birefringent crystal

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 184-188 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Investigation of a chalcohalide glass optical waveguide structure fabricated by dual-energy carbon-ion implantation

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 278-282 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF

Illuminant direction estimation for a single image based on local region complexity analysis and average gray value

Appl. Opt. 53(2), 226-236 (2014)  View: HTML | PDF