1 December 2010, Volume 49, Issue 34, pp. BO1, 6563-6659; Feat. pp: SRC1,H1–H63  
22 articles


Identity Crisis: A Message from the Applied Optics Editor

open access Appl. Opt. 49(34), BO1-BO2 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Signal Recovery and Computational Sensing and Imaging: introduction to the feature issue

Appl. Opt. 49(34), SRC1-SRC2 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Compressive holography of diffuse objects

Appl. Opt. 49(34), H1-H10 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Linear terrestrial laser scanning using array avalanche photodiodes as detectors for rapid three-dimensional imaging

Appl. Opt. 49(34), H11-H19 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Varied threshold with laser flight time in scannerless range-gated ladar

Appl. Opt. 49(34), H20-H26 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Object reconstruction from adaptive compressive measurements in feature-specific imaging

Appl. Opt. 49(34), H27-H39 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Expanding the field of view by polarization multiplexing

Appl. Opt. 49(34), H40-H46 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Doppler encoded excitation pattern tomographic optical microscopy

Appl. Opt. 49(34), H47-H63 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (5)]

Parallel phase-shifting interferometry based on Michelson-like architecture

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6612-6616 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Universal calculation formula and calibration method in Fourier transform profilometry

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6563-6569 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectrally resolved phase-shifting interference microscopy: technique based on optical coherence tomography for profiling a transparent film on a patterned substrate

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6624-6629 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Proximity projection grating structured light illumination microscopy

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6570-6576 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Ion beam figuring of high-slope surfaces based on figure error compensation algorithm

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6630-6636 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

TM and TE propagating modes of photonic crystal waveguide based on honeycomb lattices

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6597-6601 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonnegative least-squares truncated singular value decomposition to particle size distribution inversion from dynamic light scattering data

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6591-6596 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

High-precision sizing of nanoparticles by laser transmission spectroscopy

open access Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6602-6611 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

40Gbits/s all-optical clock recovery for degraded signals using an amplified feedback laser

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6577-6581 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Dynamics of mode formation in an open resonator

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6582-6590 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Thermo-optic coefficients and thermal lensing in Nd-doped KGd(WO4)2 laser crystals

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6651-6659 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Generation and optical parametric amplification of picosecond supercontinuum

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6645-6650 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Determination of photophysical parameters of red fluorescent protein mRFP1 under ultraviolet excitation by methods of laser fluorimetry

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6637-6644 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF

Changes in optical properties of rat cerebral cortical slices during oxygen glucose deprivation

Appl. Opt. 49(34), 6617-6623 (2010)  View: HTML | PDF