1 November 2009, Volume 48, Issue 31, pp. 5889-6081; Feat. pp: GWO1; G1–G168  
49 articles


Guided Wave Optics: Physics, Technology, and Applications: introduction to the feature issue

Appl. Opt. 48(31), GWO1-GWO1 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Fabrication and characterization of straight and compact S-bend optical waveguides on a silicon-on-insulator platform

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G125-G130 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Coupling characteristics of dielectric-loaded surface plasmon polariton waveguides: a simple method of analysis

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G44-G47 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Generation of supercontinuum and its theoretical study in three-ring silica microstructured optical fibers

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G12-G20 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Seminumerical approach for modeling side-polished microstructured optical fiber-based devices

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G6-G11 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Fluorescent response of dye-filled suspended-core microstructured polymer optical fiber

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G64-G67 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Mode degeneration in bent photonic crystal fiber study by using the finite element method

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G131-G138 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Photo-induced gratings in thin color center layers on lithium fluoride

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G38-G43 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Refractive index sensing characteristics of dual resonance long period gratings in bare and metal-coated D-shaped fibers

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G53-G58 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Broadband output from an actively mode-locked fiber ring laser

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G28-G32 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Multiple Bragg diffraction in polymeric photonic crystals

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G59-G63 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Study of Brillouin amplifier characteristics toward optimized conditions for slow light generation

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G48-G52 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Gas sensors based on superluminescent diodes for combustion monitoring

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G1-G5 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Stable optical trapping of latex nanoparticles with ultrashort pulsed illumination

open access Appl. Opt. 48(31), G33-G37 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Finite-size nondiffracting beam from a subwavelength metallic hole with concentric dielectric gratings

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G68-G72 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated C-band erbium-doped fiber amplifier and dispersion compensation module with negligible pump power penalty

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G73-G76 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Linear transmission properties of a vertically stacked multiring resonator with a defect

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G148-G155 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Thin film metal coated fiber optic hydrophone probe

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G77-G82 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of transmission characteristics of long period gratings in tapered optical fibers

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G95-G100 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Influence of cooling on a bismuth-doped fiber laser and amplifier performance

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G83-G87 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Long period grating refractive-index sensor: optimal design for single wavelength interrogation

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G88-G94 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Femtosecond laser fabrication of microfluidic channels for organic photonic devices

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G114-G118 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of all-optical read-only memory

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G21-G27 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Transformation optical design of a bending waveguide by use of isotropic materials

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G101-G105 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Erbium emission properties in nanostructured fibers

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G119-G124 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonchemical-vapor-deposition process for fabrication of highly efficient Yb-doped large core fibers

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G139-G142 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Propagation characteristics of single-mode graded-index elliptical core linear and nonlinear fiber using super-Gaussian approximation

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G156-G162 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Controlled excitation of scar modes in passive and active multimode chaotic fiber

Appl. Opt. 48(31), G163-G168 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Radiometry and metrology of a phase zone plate measured by extreme ultraviolet synchrotron radiation

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5970-5977 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Theoretical analysis of curved Bragg diffraction images from plane wave reference volume holograms

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5984-5996 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Macrobending single-mode fiber-based refractometer

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 6044-6049 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Half-magnitude extensions of resolution and field of view in digital holography by scanning and magnification

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 6026-6034 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of normalized point source sensitivity as a performance metric for large telescopes

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5997-6007 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Anomalous dispersion in atomic line filters applied for spatial frequency detection

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5948-5955 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Light field image sensors based on the Talbot effect

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5897-5905 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Double random phase encryption scheme to multiplex and simultaneous encode multiple images

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5933-5947 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Three-dimensional structure measurement of diamond crowns based on stereo vision

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5917-5932 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Advanced short-wavelength infrared range-gated imaging for ground applications in monostatic and bistatic configurations

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5956-5969 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Numerical and experimental investigation of a continuous-wave and passively mode-locked Yb:YAG laser at a wavelength of 1.05 μm

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5978-5983 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical triggering of a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser via transverse bleaching of a Cr:YAG saturable absorber

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 6008-6014 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Effects of including a diffraction term into Rigrod theory for a continuous-wave laser

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 6035-6043 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Improvement of the light extraction efficiency of top-emitting organic light-emitting diodes by a two-dimensional diffraction layer fabricated using self-assembled nanoparticles

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 5889-5896 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Light scattering by coccoliths detached from Emiliania huxleyi

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 6059-6073 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF

Lorentzian spatial intensity distribution in one-photon fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 48(31), 6050-6058 (2009)  View: HTML | PDF