1 August 2008, Volume 47, Issue 22, pp. 3980-4185; Feat. pp: PSO1; E1–E124  
42 articles


Phase-Space Representations in Optics: introduction to the feature issue

Appl. Opt. 47(22), PSO1-PSO1 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact matrix formalism for phase space analysis of complex optical systems

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E106-E115 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Opto-digital tomographic reconstruction of the Wigner distribution function of complex fields

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E63-E67 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient reconstruction of two-dimensional complex amplitudes utilizing the redundancy of the ambiguity function

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E1-E7 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Hybrid refractive-diffractive-gradient-index superresolving focusing device

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E68-E75 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Minimal optical decomposition of ray transfer matrices

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E88-E98 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Polynomial phase masks for extending the depth of field of a microscope

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E39-E43 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Conjugate phase plate use in analysis of the frequency response of imaging systems designed for extended depth of field

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E99-E105 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Radio-frequency spectrum analysis of a jittery train after a second-order dispersive Talbot line

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E19-E26 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase space representation of spatially partially coherent imaging

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E53-E62 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase-space evolution of x-ray coherence in phase-sensitive imaging

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E44-E52 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase-space representation and polarization domains of random electromagnetic fields

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E27-E38 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Spatial coherence wavelets and phase-space representation of diffraction

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E76-E87 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Extending the possibilities in phase space analysis of synchrotron radiation x-ray optics

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E116-E124 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Unifying distribution functions: some lesser known distributions

Appl. Opt. 47(22), E13-E18 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Infrared responsivity of a pyroelectric detector with a single-wall carbon nanotube coating

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 3999-4003 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of optically stable reflector systems and prisms

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4158-4163 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Properties of light reflected from road signs in active imaging

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4031-4036 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Active optical system for variable view imaging of micro objects with emphasis on kinematic analysis

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4121-4132 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Blue/DVD/CD compatible optical head

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4045-4054 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Modified phase function model for kinoform lenses

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4055-4060 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical filters with prescribed optical thickness and refined refractive indices

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4140-4146 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Wideband two-port beam splitter of a binary fused-silica phase grating

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4004-4008 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase-shifting interferometry with genetic algorithm-based twin image noise elimination

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4068-4076 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Suppression of undesired diffraction orders of binary phase holograms

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 3994-3998 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Digital in-line holography in thick optical systems: application to visualization in pipes

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4147-4157 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Convex objective function-based design method developed for minimizing side lobe

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4061-4067 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase retrieval of complex optical fields by binary amplitude modulation

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4077-4084 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Bayesian segmentation of range images of polyhedral objects using entropy-controlled quadratic Markov measure field models

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4106-4115 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Resolution enhancement in computerized tomographic imaging

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4116-4120 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Terabyte recorded in two-photon 3D disk

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4133-4139 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Resolution of a synthetic aperture laser optical feedback imaging using a galvanometric scanning

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4025-4030 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Observation of nanosecond laser induced fluorescence of in vitro seawater phytoplankton

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 3980-3986 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Graded-index plastic optical fiber prepared by the coextrusion process

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4177-4185 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Fabrication of polymer waveguides between two optical fibers using spatially controlled light-induced polymerization

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 3987-3993 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Visualization and calculation of polarized light. II. Applications of the hybrid polarization sphere

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4017-4024 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Lidar system model for use with path obscurants and experimental validation

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4085-4093 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Light distribution in the erythrocyte under laser irradiation: a finite-difference time-domain calculation

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4037-4044 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Simplified spectraphotometric method for the detection of red blood cell agglutination

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4094-4105 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF

Simultaneous measurement of changes in light absorption due to the reduction of cytochrome c oxidase and light scattering in rat brains during loss of tissue viability

Appl. Opt. 47(22), 4164-4176 (2008)  View: HTML | PDF