20 August 2004, Volume 43, Issue 24, pp. 4633-4773  
18 articles

Imaging spectrograph for interstellar shocks: a narrowband imaging payload for the far ultraviolet

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4633-4642 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Lenticular array for spatial filtering velocimetry of laser speckles from solid surfaces

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4643-4651 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Three-dimensional deformation measurement from the combination of in-plane and out-of-plane electronic speckle pattern interferometers

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4652-4658 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Exact analysis of low-finesse multimode fiber extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometers

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4659-4666 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Liquid-crystal depolarizer consisting of randomly aligned hybrid orientation domains

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4667-4671 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Polarized backlight based on selective total internal reflection at microgrooves

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4672-4676 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Use of the δ-P1 approximation for recovery of optical absorption, scattering, and asymmetry coefficients in turbid media

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4677-4684 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Carbon monoxide total column retrievals by use of the measurements of pollution in the troposphere airborne test radiometer

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4685-4696 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Design, fabrication, and evaluation of crystal-cored fibers for efficient second-harmonic generation based on Čerenkov-radiation-type phase matching

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4697-4704 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Gated viewing and high-accuracy three-dimensional laser radar

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4705-4710 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Ground-based imaging differential optical absorption spectroscopy of atmospheric gases

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4711-4717 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Characterization of used mineral oil condition by spectroscopic techniques

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4718-4722 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Influence of forward and multiple light scatter on the measurement of beam attenuation in highly scattering marine environments

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4723-4731 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Partially coherent flat-topped beam and its propagation

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4732-4738 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Effects of hydrostatic pressure on phase and group modal birefringence in microstructured holey fibers

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4739-4744 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Interferometric optical isolator employing a nonreciprocal phase shift operated in a unidirectional magnetic field

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4745-4752 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Modeling of energy-transfer upconversion and thermal effects in end-pumped quasi-three-level lasers

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4753-4767 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF

Observation and investigation of off-axis modes in a high-power Nd:YAG laser

Appl. Opt. 43(24), 4768-4773 (2004)  View: HTML | PDF