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Optics Letters Editorial Board Members

Optics Letters has had leading scientists and researchers shape the journal by serving as editors. We recognize and appreciate their important contributions.

To recognize their hard work, we have listed all of the Editorial Board Members of Optics Letters along with their tenure of service.

OL Editors-in-Chief
NameTitleTerm of Service
Terhune, Robert W.Editor1977–1983
Kelley, Paul L.Editor1984–1989
Smith, Peter W. E.Editor1990–1995
Johnson, Anthony M.Editor1996–2001
Campillo, Anthony J.Editor2002–2007
Willner, Alan E.Editor-in-Chief2008–2013
Zhang, Xi–ChengEditor-in-Chief2014– present
OL Editors
NameTitleTerm of Service
Abrams, Richard L.Associate Editor1980–1982
Alferness, Rod C.Advisory Editor1991–1993
Alferness, Rod C.Topical Editor1993–1994
Andersen, PeterTopical Editor2009–2012
Andersen, PeterDeputy Editor2013–
Anderson, Dana Z.Associate Editor1988–1989
Anderson, Dana Z.Topical Editor1990–1991
Applegate, BrianTopical Editor2013–
Arie, AdyTopical Editor2009–2014
Armani, AndreaTopical Editor2012–
Arsenault, Henri H.Associate Editor1986–1988
Assanto, GaetanoTopical Editor2012–2015
Athale, Ravindra A.Advisory Editor1989–1994
Auston, David H.Associate Editor1987–1989
Bai, BenfengTopical Editor2015–
Ballato, JohnTopical Editor2012–
Bang , OleTopical Editor2013–
Bao, XiaoyiTopical Editor2012–2015
Barrett, Harrison H.Associate Editor1979–1981
Bartels, Randy A.Topical Editor2013–
Belic, MilivojTopical Editor2010–2015
Bellini, MarcoTopical Editor2013–
Bennett, Jean M.Advisory Editor1991–1993
Bigelow, NicholasTopical Editor2002–2004
Bjorklund, Gary C.Associate Editor1990–1990
Bjorklund, Gary C.Topical Editor1992–1993
Bogoni, AntonellaTopical Editor2015–
Boltasseva, AlexandraTopical Editor2012–2015
Borghi, RiccardoTopical Editor2015–
Boulanger , Benoit Topical Editor2015–
Brewer, Richard G.Associate Editor1977–1979
Brodsky, MishaTopical Editor2012–
Brosseau, ChristianTopical Editor2006–2011
Brueck, Steven R. J.Associate Editor1984–1986
Bucaro, Joseph A. Associate Editor1982–1983
Burr, Geoffrey W.Topical Editor2007–2012
Byer, Robert L.Associate Editor1980–1982
Campillo, Anthony J.Topical Editor1994–2001
Campillo, Anthony J.Associate Editor1999–2001
Carrig, Timothy J.Topical Editor2009–2014
Cassidy, Daniel ThomasTopical Editor2012–2015
Cerullo, GiulioTopical Editor2007–2012
Chen, LawrenceTopical Editor2009–2014
Chen, ZhigangTopical Editor2015–
Chen, Hou–TongTopical Editor2017–
Choa, Fow–SenTopical Editor2000–2005
Chu, StevenAdvisory Editor1989–1994
Cincotti, GabriellaTopical Editor2009–2014
Cipparrone, GabriellaTopical Editor2016–
Clarkson, W. AndrewTopical Editor2001–2005
Coen, StephaneTopical Editor2009–2014
Conradi, JanAssociate Editor1982–1984
Cote, DanielTopical Editor2012–2015
Cronin–Golomb, MarkAssociate Editor1987–1989
Cronin–Golomb, MarkTopical Editor1992–1994
Dagenais, MarioTopical Editor1991–1993
De Boer, Johannes F.Topical Editor2004–2009
De Silvestri, SandroTopical Editor1999–2003
Deutsch, Thomas F.Topical Editor1996–1998
Di Teodoro , Fabio Topical Editor2012–
DiMarzio, CharlesTopical Editor2015–
Duarte, Francisco J.Advisory Editor1999–2005
Eberly, Joseph H.Associate Editor1982–1983
Ebrahim–Zadeh, MajidAdvisory Editor1999–2003
Ebrahim–Zadeh, MajidTopical Editor2004–2009
Eckardt, Robert C.Topical Editor1998–2003
Falcone, Roger W.Topical Editor1990–1994
Fan, Tso YeeTopical Editor1995–1999
Farhat, Nabil H.Advisory Editor1996–1997
Feinberg, JackAdvisory Editor1990–1992, 1994–1995
Ferraro, PietroTopical Editor2012–2015
Fienup, James R.Associate Editor1983–1985
Firth, William J.Topical Editor2005–2007
Fischer, BaruchTopical Editor1997–2002
Fisher, Robert A.Associate Editor1984–1986
Fisher, Robert A.Topical Editor2003–2005
French, Paul M.Advisory Editor1999–2005
Friebele, E. JosephAdvisory Editor2004–2009
Fried, David L. Associate Editor1977–1980
Gallagher, Thomas F.Associate Editor1986–1988
Gallagher, NealAssociate Editor1988–1990
Galtarossa, AndreaTopical Editor2009–2014
Galtarossa, AndreaDeputy Editor2015–
Garmire, Elsa M.Associate Editor1986–1988
Gauthier, Daniel J.Topical Editor2009–2011
Genack, AzrielTopical Editor1999–2002
Genty, Go�ryTopical Editor2016–
Gibbs, Hyatt M.Associate Editor1983–1985
Giordmaine, Joseph A. Associate Editor1977–1979
Gong, QihuangTopical Editor2007–2012
Gordon, James P.Advisory Editor1995–1996
Greenwood, Darryl P. Associate Editor1982–1983
Grischkowsky, Daniel R.Associate Editor1985–1987
Gu, ClaireTopical Editor2001–2006
Guina, Mircea D.Topical Editor2016–
Gustafson, T. KennethAssociate Editor1985–1987
Hall, John L.Associate Editor1977–1978
Harilal , Sivanandan S.Topical Editor2016–
Hayden, L. MichaelTopical Editor2015–
He, SailingTopical Editor2009–2014
He, Jian–JunTopical Editor2015–
Heebner, John E.Topical Editor2007–2012
Hill, KennethAdvisory Editor1994–1995
Hong, John H.Topical Editor1995–1997
Hsu, KenAdvisory Editor2002–2007
Hu, XiaoyongTopical Editor2013–
Huang, Sheng–LungTopical Editor2006–2011
Hulin, DanieleTopical Editor1998–1998
Hulin, DanieleTopical Editor1999–2002
Ilday, F. OmerTopical Editor2009–2014
Ippen, Erich P.Associate Editor1982–1984
Islam, Mohammed N.Advisory Editor1992–1992, 1994–1995
Jackson, David A.Topical Editor1994–1994
Johnson, Anthony M. Associate Editor1989–1989
Johnson, Anthony M. Topical Editor1990–1995
Johnson, Kristina M.Advisory Editor1991–1993, 1995–1996
Justus, Brian L.Topical Editor2003–2008
Justus, Brian L.Deputy Editor2011–2015
Justus, Brian L.Feature Editor2016–
Kang, Jin U.Topical Editor2003–2008
Kao, Charles K. Associate Editor1979–1981
Kartashov, YaroslavTopical Editor2016–
Kelley, Paul L.Associate Editor1977–1980
Khurgin, JacobTopical Editor2012–2015
Killinger, Dennis K.Topical Editor1989–1991
Kim, Byoung YoonTopical Editor1998–1999
Kim, DaiSikTopical Editor2016–
Korotkova, OlgaTopical Editor2011–2016
Koyama, FumioTopical Editor2009–2015
Kozma, AdamAssociate Editor1977–1979
Kracht, DietmarTopical Editor2015–
Kumar, PremTopical Editor1993–1995
Kumar, PremAdvisory Editor1996–1997
Kurizki, GershonTopical Editor2004–2009
Lakshminarayanan, VasudevanTopical Editor2010–2015
Lederer, FalkTopical Editor2008–2013
Lee, ByounghoTopical Editor2013–2015
Leheny, Robert F.Topical Editor1994–1995, 1997–1999
Leitgeb, RainerTopical Editor2008–2013
Leonberger, Fred J.Associate Editor1988–1990
Leone, Stephen R.Associate Editor1979–1981
Leosson, KristjanTopical Editor2014–2015
Li, TingyeAssociate Editor1977–1978
Li, TingyeTopical Editor1990–1990
Li, XiaoyingTopical Editor2017–
Liao, Paul F.Associate Editor1983–1985
Lin, Charles P.Advisory Editor1996–1997
Lin, Charles P.Topical Editor1999–2000
Lipson, MichalTopical Editor2006–2007
Loncar, MarkoTopical Editor2012–2012
Lukishova, SvetlanaTopical Editor2011–2015
Luk'yanchuk , BorisTopical Editor2016–
Mahajan, Virenda N.Topical Editor2003–2005
Maker, Paul D.Associate Editor1982–1983
Mandel, L.Associate Editor1977–1979
Mandelis , AndreasTopical Editor2013–
Martinez–Herrero, RosarioTopical Editor2011–2014
Matoba, OsamuTopical Editor2016–
McCaughan, LeonTopical Editor1995–2001
McLeod, Robert R.Topical Editor2014–
Mecozzi, AntonioTopical Editor1997–2002
Mecozzi, AntonioDeputy Editor2009–2014
Menoni, Carmen S.Topical Editor2009–2011
Menyuk, Curtis R.Topical Editor1994–1995
Mertz, Jerome C.Topical Editor2008–2010
Migus, ArnoldTopical Editor2005–2006
Mohseni, HoomanTopical Editor2014–2014
Mollenauer, Linn F.Advisory Editor1990–1991
Moulton, Peter F.Advisory Editor1990–1992, 1994–1995
Mouroulis, PantazisTopical Editor2003–2008
Murnane, Margaret M.Advisory Editor1997–1998
Murnane, Margaret M.Topical Editor1999–2004
Mussot, ArnaudTopical Editor2015–
Nakazawa, MasatakaTopical Editor2002–2004
Narimanov, Evgenii E.Topical Editor2008–2010
Nibbering, Erik T. J. Topical Editor2007–2012
Nishiyama, NobuhikoAssociate Editor2017–
Nishizawa, NorihikoTopical Editor2017–
Novikova , IrinaTopical Editor2012–
Ntziachristos, VasilisAdvisory Editor2004–2006
Ntziachristos, VasilisTopical Editor2007–2012
Nussenzveig, PauloTopical Editor2015–
Oh, KyunghwanTopical Editor2006–2011
Oliver, JimTopical Editor2016–
Osterberg, UlfTopical Editor2012–2012
Osterberg, UlfTopical Editor2013–2015
Owyoung, AdelbertAssociate Editor1983–1985
Ozbay, EkmelTopical Editor2003–2008
Paek, Eung GiTopical Editor1999–2000
Paek, Un–Chul T.Topical Editor2003–2006
Palashov, OlegTopical Editor2016–
Palmieri, LucaTopical Editor2015–
Petrov, ValentinTopical Editor2013–
Peyghambarian, NasserTopical Editor1992–1995
Pfefer, T. JoshuaTopical Editor2009–2014
Pogue, Brian W.Advisory Editor1999–2000
Pogue, Brian W.Topical Editor2001–2006
Pogue, Brian W.Deputy Editor2009–2012
Pollock, Clifford R.Topical Editor2015–
Qu, JiananTopical Editor2012–2013
Rajadhyaksha, MilindTopical Editor2009–2015
Ramachandran, HemaTopical Editor2009–2010
Ramachandran, SiddharthTopical Editor2009–2011
Ramaswamy, Ramu V.Advisory Editor1991–1993, 1995–1996
Ranka, JinendraTopical Editor2006–2009
Ranka, JinendraDeputy Editor2009–2010
Rhodes, William T.Associate Editor1981–1982
Rockstuhl , CarstenTopical Editor2014–
Roetling, Paul G.Associate Editor1982–1984
Rogers, Patricia A.Assistant to the Editor1985–1989
Rolland, JannickTopical Editor2016–
Roskos, HartmutTopical Editor2015–
Saifi, Mansoor A. Advisory Editor1997–1998
Sanchez, A.Associate Editor1986–1989
Santos, Jos� Lu�sTopical Editor2015–
Sawchuck, Alexander A. Associate Editor1985–1987
Sciamanna, MarcTopical Editor2016–
Segev, MordechaiTopical Editor2003–2007
Shah, LawrenceTopical Editor2016–
Shannon, Robert R.Topical Editor1992–1993
Shapiro, S. L.Associate Editor1979–1981
Shen, Yuen–RonAssociate Editor1982–1984
Sheng, YunlongTopical Editor2007–2009
Shieh, William Topical Editor2014–
Shu, Chester C. T.Topical Editor2006–2011
Sigel, G. H.Associate Editor1987–1989
Sipe, John E.Topical Editor1992–1993
Skigin, DianeTopical Editor2010–2012
Slavik, RadanTopical Editor2016–
Smith, Peter W. E.Associate Editor1980–1982
Snitzer, EliasAssociate Editor1986–1988
Soukoulis, CostasTopical Editor2009–2011
Steenbergen, WiendeltTopical Editor2016–
Stegeman, George I.Advisory Editor1989–1994
Steinmeyer, GuenterTopical Editor2013–
Stone, JulianAssociate Editor1984–1986
Stone, JulianTopical Editor1995–1997
Strickland, Donna T.Topical Editor2005–2010
Su, YikaiTopical Editor2009–2014
Sumetsky, MichaelTopical Editor2011–2016
Sun, Chi–KuangTopical Editor2014–2015
Sun, Hong–BoTopical Editor2015–
Swartzlander, Grover A.Topical Editor2003–2008
Tang, Chung L.Associate Editor1988–1990
Tang, Chung L.Advisory Editor1996–1997
Taylor, J. RoyTopical Editor2009–2011
Tervo, JaniTopical Editor2015–2015
Tien, Ping–KingAssociate Editor1977–1980
Tomlinson, W. JackTopical Editor1991–1992
Tomlinson, W. JackAdvisory Editor1995–1996
Trillo, StefanoTopical Editor1999–2003
Valdmanis, Janis A.Advisory Editor1990–1992
Valley, George C.Associate Editor1984–1986
Valley, George C.Topical Editor1990–1991
van Leeuwen, TonTopical Editor2012–2015
van Stryland, EricTopical Editor1996–1997
Vargas, GracieTopical Editor2015–
Vitkin, AlexTopical Editor2008–2012
Voelz, DavidTopical Editor2016–
Vohnsen, BrianTopical Editor2016–
Vurgaftman, IgorTopical Editor2010– 2015
Wang, Lijun "L. J."Topical Editor2000–2002
Wang, JianTopical Editor2016–
Weber, Willes H.Associate Editor1977–1980
Weiner, Andrew M.Advisory Editor1990–1994
Weiner, Andrew M.Topical Editor1996–1998
Weller, Joseph F.Associate Editor1985–1987
Westheimer, GeraldAssociate Editor1977–1978
Whittaker, Edward A.Topical Editor2006–2011, 2013–2015
Whittaker, Edward A.Deputy Editor2016–
Winick, Kim A.Topical Editor2004–2006
Wong, Ngai C.Topical Editor1996–1999
Wyant, James C.Topical Editor1991–1991
Yablonovitch, EliTopical Editor1990–1992
Yao, JianpingTopical Editor2015–
Yao, X. SteveTopical Editor2015–
Zare, Richard N.Associate Editor1977–1978
Zayhowski, JohnTopical Editor2006–2011
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