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1 June 2020, Volume 45, Issue 11, pp. 2950-3182   60 articles


Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Dual interference effects in a line-by-line inscribed fiber Bragg grating

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2950-2953 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Visible light communications: increasing data rates with polarization division multiplexing

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2977-2980 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of using two aperture pairs combined with multiple-mode receivers and MIMO signal processing for enhanced tolerance to turbulence and misalignment in a 10 Gbit/s QPSK FSO link

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3042-3045 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental investigation on the effect of wavelength on aperture averaging in FSO communications

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3063-3066 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Noise evolution with the phase-sensitive gain in a hybrid fiber phase-sensitive amplifier

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3075-3078 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Parity–time-symmetric frequency-tunable optoelectronic oscillator with a single dual-polarization optical loop

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3139-3142 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Loss-compensated slow-light fiber Bragg grating with 22-km/s group velocity

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3179-3182 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Fourier Optics, Image and Signal Processing

Single-pixel sensing with optimal binarized modulation

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3111-3114 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Deeply coded aperture for lensless imaging

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3131-3134 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems

When shot-noise-limited photodetectors disobey Poisson statistics

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3009-3012 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient full-color single-pixel imaging based on the human vision property—“giving in to the blues”

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3046-3049 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Multimodal imaging for intra-droplet gas-cavity observation during droplet fragmentation

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3091-3094 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Compact broadband suspended silicon photonic directional coupler

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2997-3000 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact multi-million Q resonators and 100 MHz passband filter bank in a thick-SOI photonics platform

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3005-3008 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Subwavelength hole defect assisted microring resonator for a compact rectangular filter

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3123-3126 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

10.4 kW coherently combined ultrafast fiber laser

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3083-3086 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Deep UV random lasing from NaGdF4:Yb3+,Tm3+ upconversion nanocrystals in amorphous borosilicate glass

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3095-3098 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast internal modification of glass by selective absorption of a continuous-wave laser into excited electrons

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3171-3174 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Materials and Metamaterials

High-efficiency luminescence in optical glass via the controllable crystallization of KYb3F10 nanocrystals depending on the dopants

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3030-3033 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical axis-driven field discontinuity in a hyperbolic medium

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3067-3070 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Metasurface-bounded open cavities supporting virtual absorption: free-space energy accumulation in lossless systems

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3147-3150 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Medical Optics and Biotechnology

Full-field passive elastography using digital holography

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2965-2968 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

Imaging through highly scattering human skulls with ultrasound-modulated optical tomography

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2973-2976 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Penetration capability of near infrared Laguerre–Gaussian beams through highly scattering media

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3135-3138 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF


Quantitative objective-based ring TIRFM system calibration through back focal plane imaging

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3001-3004 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Resolution enhancement in an extended depth of field for volumetric two-photon microscopy

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3054-3057 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Total internal reflection enabled wide-field coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3087-3090 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Tailoring soliton fission at telecom wavelengths using composite-liquid-core fibers

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2985-2988 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Parametric upconversion of Ince–Gaussian modes

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3034-3037 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Fourier transform for characterization of the coherent structures in optical microresonators

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3059-3062 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Modulation instability in waveguides doped with anisotropic nanoparticles

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3119-3122 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Spontaneous diametric-drive acceleration initiated by a single beam in a photonic lattice

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3175-3178 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Design of a nanogap resonator surface plasmon polariton laser

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2961-2964 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Few-mode frequency-modulated LiDAR receivers

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3127-3130 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Sensors, Measurements, and Metrology

Sensing within the OTDR dead-zone using a two-mode fiber

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2969-2972 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Absolute interferometric testing of a flat surface based on the Laplacian method

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3026-3029 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Rapid and precise compensation of scale factor in a fiber-optic gyroscope with a twin-peaks source

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3107-3110 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Spatial pattern-shifting method for complete two-wavelength fringe projection profilometry

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3115-3118 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Combined compression-tension strain sensor over 1 µε–20 mε by using non-uniform multiple-core-offset fiber

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3143-3146 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Multiplexable intrinsic Fabry–Perot interferometric fiber sensors for multipoint hydrogen gas monitoring

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3163-3166 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF


40 Gbit/s waveguide photodiode using III–V on silicon heteroepitaxy

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2954-2956 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Deep neural network-assisted high-accuracy microwave instantaneous frequency measurement with a photonic scanning receiver

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3038-3041 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic Crystals and Devices

Enhanced high-quality super-resolution imaging in air using microsphere lens groups

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2981-2984 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Asymmetric localization and symmetric diffraction-free transmission in synthetic photonic lattice with anti-parity-time symmetry

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3099-3102 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Physical Optics

Auto-focusing and self-healing of symmetric odd-Pearcey Gauss beams

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2957-2960 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Plasmonics and Optics at Surfaces

Editors' Pick

Topological valley plasmon transport in bilayer graphene metasurfaces for sensing applications

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3151-3154 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Enlarging focal depth using epsilon-near-zero metamaterial for plasmonic lithography

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3159-3162 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum Optics and Quantum Communication

Hybrid frequency-time spectrograph for the spectral measurement of the two-photon state

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2993-2996 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic simulation of giant atom decay

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3017-3020 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Field demonstration of time-bin reference-frame-independent quantum key distribution via an intracity free-space link

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3022-3025 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Thin Films and Other Optical Design and Fabrication

Creating a three-dimensional surface with antireflective properties by using femtosecond-laser Bessel-beam-assisted thermal oxidation

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 2989-2992 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Silicon microprotrusions with tailored chirality enabled by direct femtosecond laser ablation

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3050-3053 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

High energy redshifted and enhanced spectral broadening by molecular alignment

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3013-3016 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Femtosecond laser-ablation of gel and water

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3079-3082 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Low-noise octave-spanning mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in a multimode chalcogenide fiber

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3103-3106 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Femtosecond synchronization of multiple mode-locked lasers and a microwave oscillator by multicolor electro-optic sampling

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3155-3158 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

302  W single-mode power from an Er/Yb fiber MOPA: publisher’s note

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3021-3021 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Long focusing range and self-healing Bessel vortex beam generator: publisher’s note

Opt. Lett. 45(11), 3058-3058 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

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