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17 February 2020, Volume 28, Issue 4, pp. 4362-5885   130 articles


Lasers, Optical Amplifiers, and Laser Optics

Actively Q-switched tunable single-longitudinal-mode 2 µm Tm:YAP laser using a transversally chirped volume Bragg grating

Opt. Express 28(4), 5013-5021 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

High peak power, sub-ps green emission in a passively mode locked W-cavity VECSEL

Opt. Express 28(4), 5794-5800 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Holography, Gratings, and Diffraction

RedCap: residual encoder-decoder capsule network for holographic image reconstruction

Opt. Express 28(4), 4876-4887 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems, Microscopy, and Displays

Single exposure lensless subpixel phase imaging: optical system design, modelling, and experimental study

Opt. Express 28(4), 4625-4637 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Non-line-of-sight-imaging using dynamic relay surfaces

Opt. Express 28(4), 5331-5339 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Optical Sensors

Real-time audio detection and regeneration of moving sound source based on optical flow algorithm of laser speckle images

Opt. Express 28(4), 4475-4488 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Measurement of absorption in scattering media using objective laser speckle: application to blood oximetry

Opt. Express 28(4), 5119-5133 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Modeling classical wavefront sensors

Opt. Express 28(4), 5273-5287 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

High-average-power picosecond mid-infrared OP-GaAs OPO

Opt. Express 28(4), 5741-5748 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices and Detectors

Editors' Pick

High-Q diamond microresonators in the long-wave infrared

Opt. Express 28(4), 5448-5458 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Fibers

Chalcogenide fiber loop probe for the mid-IR spectroscopy of oil products

Opt. Express 28(4), 5267-5272 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum Optics

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy with visible light

Opt. Express 28(4), 4426-4432 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectroscopy and Spectrometers

Ge-on-Si waveguides for sensing in the molecular fingerprint regime

Opt. Express 28(4), 5749-5757 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics: feature issue introduction

Opt. Express 28(4), 5883-5885 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Gas dynamics and vorticity generation in laser-induced breakdown of air

Opt. Express 28(4), 5835-5850 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Light-emitting Diodes

Improved performance of AlGaInP red micro-light-emitting diodes with sidewall treatments

Opt. Express 28(4), 5787-5793 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF


Phosphor material dependent spot size limitations in laser lighting

Opt. Express 28(4), 5758-5767 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Nanophotonics for Energy Applications

Detailed illumination model for bifacial solar cells

Opt. Express 28(4), 4751-4762 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Strong-field double ionization dynamics of vibrating HeH+ versus HeT+

Opt. Express 28(4), 4650-4660 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Fourier Optics, Image and Signal Processing

Super-resolution near-field ptychography

Opt. Express 28(4), 5164-5178 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Hybrid OFDM receiver assisted by a variable frequency comb

Opt. Express 28(4), 5658-5668 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Holography, Gratings, and Diffraction

Analysis of three-dimensional mapping problems in incoherent digital holography

Opt. Express 28(4), 4501-4515 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Hologram conversion for speckle free reconstruction using light field extraction and deep learning

Opt. Express 28(4), 5393-5409 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Astigmatism correction and quality optimization of computer-generated holograms for holographic waveguide displays

Opt. Express 28(4), 5519-5527 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Reconstruction of a three-dimensional color-video of a point-cloud object using the projection-type holographic display with a holographic optical element

Opt. Express 28(4), 5692-5705 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Imaging Systems, Microscopy, and Displays

Single-shot imaging of microscopic dynamic scenes at 5 THz frame rates by time and spatial frequency multiplexing

Opt. Express 28(4), 4463-4474 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Pixel hopping enables fast STED nanoscopy at low light dose

Opt. Express 28(4), 4516-4528 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Detecting the morphology of single graphene sheets by dual channel sampling plasmonic imaging

Opt. Express 28(4), 4686-4693 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Spotlight on Optics

Backside absorbing layer microscopy: a universal relationship between physical thickness and reflectivity

Opt. Express 28(4), 4836-4844 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Chromaticity-based real-time assessment of melanopic and luminous efficiency of smartphone displays

Opt. Express 28(4), 4898-4910 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Broadband wide-view Pancharatnam–Berry phase deflector

Opt. Express 28(4), 4921-4927 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Convolutional neural network model based on terahertz imaging for integrated circuit defect detections

Opt. Express 28(4), 5000-5012 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Extreme ultraviolet lensless imaging without object support through rotational diversity in diffractive shearing interferometry

Opt. Express 28(4), 5257-5266 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Depth plane adaptive integral imaging system using a vari-focal liquid lens array for realizing augmented reality

Opt. Express 28(4), 5602-5616 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Quantitative phase imaging by wide-field interferometry with variable shearing distance uncoupled from the off-axis angle

Opt. Express 28(4), 5617-5628 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Flat cholesteric liquid crystal polymeric lens with low f-number

Opt. Express 28(4), 5875-5882 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Optical Sensors

Improved heterodyne system using double-passed acousto-optic frequency shifters for measuring the frequency response of photodetectors in ultrasonic applications

Opt. Express 28(4), 4387-4397 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Long distance measurement by dynamic optical frequency comb

Opt. Express 28(4), 4398-4411 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Mesoscale optical turbulence simulations above Tibetan Plateau: first attempt

Opt. Express 28(4), 4571-4586 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Absolute phase synchronization over optical fiber

Opt. Express 28(4), 4603-4610 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Modeling and state-space identification of deformable mirrors

Opt. Express 28(4), 4726-4740 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

The OpenFlexure Block Stage: sub-100 nm fibre alignment with a monolithic plastic flexure stage

Opt. Express 28(4), 4763-4772 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced calibration for freeform surface misalignments in non-null interferometers by convolutional neural network

Opt. Express 28(4), 4988-4999 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Measuring laser beam quality, wavefronts, and lens aberrations using ptychography

Opt. Express 28(4), 5022-5034 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Ptychographic characterization of a coherent nanofocused X-ray beam

Opt. Express 28(4), 5069-5076 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Programmable liquid crystal display based noise reduced dynamic synthetic coded aperture imaging camera (NoRDS-CAIC)

Opt. Express 28(4), 5221-5238 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

LED as laboratory test source for astronomical intensity interferometry

Opt. Express 28(4), 5248-5256 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Risley-prism-based tracking model for fast locating a target using imaging feedback

Opt. Express 28(4), 5378-5392 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Ellipsometric characterization of highly non-uniform thin films with the shape of thickness non-uniformity modeled by polynomials

Opt. Express 28(4), 5492-5506 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Coupled approach for radiometric calibration and parameter retrieval to improve SPM estimations in turbid inland/coastal waters

Opt. Express 28(4), 5567-5586 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Dual-frequency modulation quartz crystal tuning fork–enhanced laser spectroscopy

Opt. Express 28(4), 5648-5657 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Current sensor based on an integrated micro-ring resonator and superparamagnetic nanoparticles

Opt. Express 28(4), 5684-5691 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Precision improvement in frequency scanning interferometry based on suppression of the magnification effect

Opt. Express 28(4), 5822-5834 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

High-Q suspended optical resonators in 3C silicon carbide obtained by thermal annealing

Opt. Express 28(4), 4938-4949 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasing in Si3N4-organic hybrid (SiNOH) waveguides

Opt. Express 28(4), 5085-5104 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact silicon photonic hybrid ring external cavity (SHREC)/InGaSb-AlGaAsSb wavelength-tunable laser diode operating from 1881-1947 nm

Opt. Express 28(4), 5134-5146 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Interferometric method for determining the losses of spatially multi-mode nonlinear waveguides based on second harmonic generation.

Opt. Express 28(4), 5507-5518 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Tolerant, broadband tunable 2 × 2 coupler circuit

Opt. Express 28(4), 5555-5566 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Ring resonator enhanced mode-hop-free wavelength tuning of an integrated extended-cavity laser

Opt. Express 28(4), 5669-5683 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser Machining and Material Processing

Multi-wavelength coherent random laser in bio-microfibers

Opt. Express 28(4), 5179-5188 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Highly responsive tellurium-hyperdoped black silicon photodiode with single-crystalline and uniform surface microstructure

Opt. Express 28(4), 5239-5247 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser-fabricated axicons challenging the conventional optics in glass processing applications

Opt. Express 28(4), 5715-5730 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Microchannels inside bulk PMMA generated by femtosecond laser using adaptive beam shaping

Opt. Express 28(4), 5801-5811 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers, Optical Amplifiers, and Laser Optics

Nonlinear pulse compression to 22 fs at 15.6 µJ by an all-solid-state multipass approach

Opt. Express 28(4), 4541-4549 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Passively mode-locked quantum dash laser with an aggregate 5.376 Tbit/s PAM-4 transmission capacity

Opt. Express 28(4), 4587-4593 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Sub-hundred nanosecond pulse generation from a black phosphorus Q-switched Er-doped fiber laser

Opt. Express 28(4), 4708-4716 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Extended cavity quantum cascade laser with cavity resonator integrated grating filter

Opt. Express 28(4), 4801-4809 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

130 W, 180 fs ultrafast Yb-doped fiber frequency comb based on chirped-pulse fiber amplification

Opt. Express 28(4), 4817-4824 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Detuning effects in Brillouin ring microresonator laser

Opt. Express 28(4), 4962-4972 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Combined laser variosystems paraxial design for longitudinal movement of a Gaussian beam waist

Opt. Express 28(4), 5105-5118 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient energy transfer from Er3+ to Ho3+ and Dy3+ in ZBLAN glass

Opt. Express 28(4), 5189-5199 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Single-axis soliton molecule and multiple solitons generation from a vector fiber laser

Opt. Express 28(4), 5212-5220 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Saturable absorption characteristics of Bi2Se3 in a 2 µm Q-switching bulk laser

Opt. Express 28(4), 5639-5647 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Influence of the pump scheme on the output power and the intensity noise of a single-frequency continuous-wave laser

Opt. Express 28(4), 5866-5874 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Light-emitting Diodes

Enhanced injection efficiency and light output in bottom tunnel-junction light-emitting diodes

Opt. Express 28(4), 4489-4500 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

UV light-emitting diodes grown on GaN templates with selective-area Si implantation

Opt. Express 28(4), 4674-4685 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Nanophotonics, Metamaterials, and Photonic Crystals

Giant optical activity in plasmonic chiral structure via double-layer graphene moiré stacking in mid-infrared region

Opt. Express 28(4), 4529-4540 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Thermally switchable bifunctional plasmonic metasurface for perfect absorption and polarization conversion based on VO2

Opt. Express 28(4), 4563-4570 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Asymmetric dielectric grating on metallic film enabled dual- and narrow-band absorbers

Opt. Express 28(4), 4594-4602 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

First-principle calculation of Chern number in gyrotropic photonic crystals

Opt. Express 28(4), 4638-4649 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Topological encoding method for data-driven photonics inverse design

Opt. Express 28(4), 4825-4835 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of photonic-crystal surface-emitting lasers with enhanced in-plane optical feedback for high-speed operation

Opt. Express 28(4), 5050-5057 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

High-purity polarized multi-beams from polarization-twisting meta-surface Cassegrain systems

Opt. Express 28(4), 5200-5211 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultra-broadband and tunable saline water-based absorber in microwave regime

Opt. Express 28(4), 5306-5316 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Angular dispersion boost of high order laser harmonics with Carbon nano-rods

Opt. Express 28(4), 5355-5366 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Self-biased tri-state power-multiplexed digital metasurface operating at microwave frequencies

Opt. Express 28(4), 5410-5422 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Control of quantum dot emission by colloidal plasmonic pyramids in a liquid crystal

Opt. Express 28(4), 5459-5469 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Quasi-triply-degenerate states and zero refractive index in two-dimensional all-dielectric photonic crystals

Opt. Express 28(4), 5548-5554 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantitative evaluation of optical properties for defective 2D metamaterials based on diffraction imaging

Opt. Express 28(4), 5812-5821 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Wavy nature of collagen fibrils deduced from the dispersion of their second-order nonlinear optical anisotropy parameters ρ

Opt. Express 28(4), 4845-4858 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Slow light with photorefractive beam fanning

Opt. Express 28(4), 5860-5865 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Communications and Interconnects

Effective vehicle-to-vehicle positioning method using monocular camera based on VLC

Opt. Express 28(4), 4433-4443 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Change in phase singularities of a partially coherent Gaussian vortex beam propagating in a GRIN fiber

Opt. Express 28(4), 4661-4673 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Reversal operator to compensate polarization random drifts in quantum communications

Opt. Express 28(4), 5035-5049 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Real time low-complexity adaptive channel equalization for coherent optical transmission systems

Opt. Express 28(4), 5058-5068 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Statistical quantification of nonlinear interference noise components in coherent systems

Opt. Express 28(4), 5436-5447 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

4-channel 200 Gb/s WDM O-band silicon photonic transceiver sub-assembly

Opt. Express 28(4), 5706-5714 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Design and Fabrication

Vectorial pupil optimization to compensate polarization distortion in immersion lithography system

Opt. Express 28(4), 4412-4425 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Theoretical and experimental study of acoustic waves generated by thermocavitation and its application in the generation of liquid jets

Opt. Express 28(4), 4928-4937 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices and Detectors

Multispectral imaging via nanostructured random broadband filtering

Opt. Express 28(4), 4859-4875 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Localized surface plasmon enhanced Ga2O3 solar blind photodetectors

Opt. Express 28(4), 5731-5740 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Fibers

Ultrafast freestanding microfiber humidity sensor based on three-dimensional graphene network cladding

Opt. Express 28(4), 4362-4373 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Accurate modeling of radiation-induced absorption in Er-Al–doped silica fibers exposed to high-energy ionizing radiations

Opt. Express 28(4), 4694-4707 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Modeling and performance evaluation of in-line Fabry-Perot photothermal gas sensors with hollow-core optical fibers

Opt. Express 28(4), 5423-5435 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Materials

Anisotropic photoluminescence of nonpolar ZnO epilayers and ZnO/Zn1-xMgxO multiple quantum wells grown on LiGaO2 substrate

Opt. Express 28(4), 5629-5638 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF


Anomalous photocurrent in wide InGaN quantum wells

Opt. Express 28(4), 4717-4725 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Multimode description of self-mode locking in a single-section quantum-dot laser

Opt. Express 28(4), 5317-5330 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF


Editors' Pick

Inverse design of nanoparticles for enhanced Raman scattering

Opt. Express 28(4), 4444-4462 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Huge field enhancement and high transmittance enabled by terahertz bow-tie aperture arrays: a simulation study

Opt. Express 28(4), 5851-5859 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum Optics

Efficient quantum key distribution against collective noise using polarization and transverse spatial mode of photons

Opt. Express 28(4), 4611-4624 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

High-quality versatile photonic sources for multiple quantum optical experiments

Opt. Express 28(4), 5077-5084 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectrally pure single photons at telecommunications wavelengths using commercial birefringent optical fiber

Opt. Express 28(4), 5147-5163 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Transparency and tunable slow-fast light in a hybrid cavity optomechanical system

Opt. Express 28(4), 5288-5305 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Single-photon-level narrowband memory in a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber

Opt. Express 28(4), 5340-5354 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Single-channel electronic readout of a multipixel superconducting nanowire single photon detector

Opt. Express 28(4), 5528-5537 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Random number generation by coherent detection of quantum phase noise

Opt. Express 28(4), 5538-5547 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectroscopy and Spectrometers

Widely-tunable mid-infrared ring cavity pump-enhanced OPO and application in photo-thermal interferometric trace ethane detection

Opt. Express 28(4), 4550-4562 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Iterative local Fourier transform-based high-accuracy wavelength calibration for Fourier transform imaging spectrometer

Opt. Express 28(4), 5768-5786 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Terahertz and X-ray Optics

Terahertz photonic integrated circuit for frequency tuning and power modulation

Opt. Express 28(4), 4374-4386 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Diamond refractive micro-lenses for full-field X-ray imaging and microscopy produced with ion beam lithography

Opt. Express 28(4), 4773-4785 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Design and simulation of losses in Ge/SiGe terahertz quantum cascade laser waveguides

Opt. Express 28(4), 4786-4800 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Contribution of the optical rectification in terahertz radiation driven by two-color laser induced plasma

Opt. Express 28(4), 4810-4816 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Passive terahertz imaging detectors based on antenna-coupled high-electron-mobility transistors

Opt. Express 28(4), 4911-4920 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics and Attosecond/High-field Physics

Editors' Pick

Controlling the velocity of a femtosecond laser pulse using refractive lenses

Opt. Express 28(4), 4888-4897 (2020)  View: HTML | PDF

Vision, Color, and Visual Optics

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