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24 December 2007, Volume 15, Issue 26, pp. 17458-18369   96 articles


Nonlinear Optics for Functional Devices and Applications

Nonlinear and adiabatic control of high-Q photonic crystal nanocavities

Opt. Express 15(26), 17458-17481 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Adaptive Optics

Wavefront correction with a 37-actuator ferrofluid deformable mirror

Opt. Express 15(26), 18190-18199 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Atmospheric and oceanic optics

Propagation of a cosh-Gaussian beam through an optical system in turbulent atmosphere

Opt. Express 15(26), 17613-17618 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Observation of transverse interference fringes on an atom laser beam

Opt. Express 15(26), 17673-17680 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Diffraction and Gratings

Three dimensional analysis of chromatic aberration in diffractive elements with extended depth of focus

Opt. Express 15(26), 17842-17854 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

The finite element method as applied to the diffraction by an anisotropic grating

Opt. Express 15(26), 18089-18102 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Simultaneous direct amplification and compression of picosecond pulses to 65-kW peak power without pulse break-up in erbium fiber

Opt. Express 15(26), 17494-17501 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

An explanation of SRS beam cleanup in graded-index fibers and the absence of SRS beam cleanup in step-index fibers

Opt. Express 15(26), 17509-17519 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Efficient use of hybrid Genetic Algorithms in the gain optimization of distributed Raman amplifiers

Opt. Express 15(26), 17520-17528 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Multiple rare earth emissions in a multicore tellurite fiber with a single pump wavelength

Opt. Express 15(26), 17554-17561 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Threshold for stimulated Brillouin scattering in optical fiber

Opt. Express 15(26), 17625-17630 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Bend loss in structured optical fibres

Opt. Express 15(26), 17639-17644 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Light coupling between two parallel CO2-laser written long-period fiber gratings

Opt. Express 15(26), 17645-17651 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical probe based on double-clad optical fiber for fluorescence spectroscopy

Opt. Express 15(26), 17681-17689 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Dispersion, birefringence, and amplification characteristics of newly designed dispersion compensating hole-assisted fibers

Opt. Express 15(26), 17724-17735 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Wideband tunable wavelength-selective coupling in asymmetric side-polished fiber coupler with dispersive interlayer

Opt. Express 15(26), 17747-17753 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Detection of quantum-dot labeled proteins using soft glass microstructured optical fibers

Opt. Express 15(26), 17819-17826 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhancement of fluorescence-based sensing using microstructured optical fibres

Opt. Express 15(26), 17891-17901 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Active polarization stabilization in optical fibers suitable for quantum key distribution

Opt. Express 15(26), 17928-17936 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Triple-wavelength erbium fiber ring laser based on compound-ring scheme

Opt. Express 15(26), 17980-17984 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultra-wideband pulse generation with flexible pulse shape and polarity control using a Sagnac-interferometer-based intensity modulator

Opt. Express 15(26), 18156-18161 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Suppression of XPM and XPM-induced nonlinear phase noise for RZ-DPSK signals in 40 Gbit/s WDM transmission systems with optimum dispersion mapping

Opt. Express 15(26), 18247-18252 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Point-by-point inscription of first-order fiber Bragg grating for C-band applications

Opt. Express 15(26), 18318-18325 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum state tomography of a fiber-based source of polarization-entangled photon pairs

Opt. Express 15(26), 18339-18344 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Simulation and analysis of OOK-to-BPSK format conversion based on gain-transparent SOA used as optical phase-modulator

Opt. Express 15(26), 18357-18369 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF


Holography with extended reference by autocorrelation linear differential operation

Opt. Express 15(26), 17592-17612 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Point spread function of a collinear holographic storage system

Opt. Express 15(26), 18111-18118 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

Point light source integral imaging with improved resolution and viewing angle by the use of electrically movable pinhole array

Opt. Express 15(26), 18253-18267 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems

Multichannel balanced electro-optic detection for Terahertz imaging

Opt. Express 15(26), 17652-17660 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

All-optical axially multi-regional super resolved imaging

Opt. Express 15(26), 17912-17921 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Optical monitoring and real time admittance loci calculation through polarization interferometer

Opt. Express 15(26), 17536-17541 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Lateral shearing interferometry: theoretical limits with practical consequences

Opt. Express 15(26), 17805-17818 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Transmission behaviors of single mode hollow metallic waveguides dedicated to mid-infrared nulling interferometry

Opt. Express 15(26), 18005-18013 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Angle-resolved annular data acquisition method for microellipsometry

Opt. Express 15(26), 18056-18065 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Multiaperture planar waveguide spectrometer formed by arrayed Mach-Zehnder interferometers

Opt. Express 15(26), 18176-18189 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Enhanced optical nonlinearity in amorphous silicon and its application to waveguide devices

Opt. Express 15(26), 17761-17771 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Horizontal single and multiple slot waveguides: optical transmission at λ=1550 nm

Opt. Express 15(26), 17967-17972 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Low-loss, flat-passband and athermal arrayedwaveguide grating multi/demultiplexer

Opt. Express 15(26), 18351-18356 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Holographic injection locking of a broad area laser diode via a photorefractive thin-film device

Opt. Express 15(26), 17587-17591 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Planar glass waveguide ring resonators with gain

Opt. Express 15(26), 17783-17797 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser emission in proton-implanted Nd:YAG channel waveguides

Opt. Express 15(26), 17874-17880 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser operation of Yb3+in disordered Li0.75Gd0.75Ba0.5(MoO4)2 crystal with small quantum defect

Opt. Express 15(26), 18162-18167 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

2.7 W tunable orange-red GaInNAs semiconductor disk laser

Opt. Express 15(26), 18345-18350 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Medical Optics and Biotechnology

Depth-resolved optical imaging of transmural electrical propagation in perfused heart

Opt. Express 15(26), 17827-17841 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Detection of multiple scattering in optical coherence tomography using the spatial distribution of Stokes vectors

Opt. Express 15(26), 18033-18049 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Lensless light focusing with the centric marine diatom Coscinodiscus walesii

Opt. Express 15(26), 18082-18088 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Two-axis magnetically-driven MEMS scanning catheter for endoscopic high-speed optical coherence tomography

Opt. Express 15(26), 18130-18140 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Harmonically matched grating-based full-field quantitative high-resolution phase microscope for observing dynamics of transparent biological samples

Opt. Express 15(26), 18141-18155 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]

Heuristic Green’s function of the time dependent radiative transfer equation for a semi-infinite medium

Opt. Express 15(26), 18168-18175 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Adaptive optics for enhanced signal in CARS microscopy

Opt. Express 15(26), 18209-18219 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Picosecond-resolution fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy: a useful tool for sensing molecular interactions in vivo via FRET

Opt. Express 15(26), 18220-18235 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Reconstruction for free-space fluorescence tomography using a novel hybrid adaptive finite element algorithm

Opt. Express 15(26), 18300-18317 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF


Magnetic and electric excitations in split ring resonators

Opt. Express 15(26), 17881-17890 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF


Quantitative polarized phase microscopy for birefringence imaging

Opt. Express 15(26), 17690-17698 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Characterizing and tracking single colloidal particles with video holographic microscopy

Opt. Express 15(26), 18275-18282 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Nonlinear Optics

Fusion of necklace-ring patterns into vortex and fundamental solitons in dissipative media

Opt. Express 15(26), 17502-17508 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Generation of Optical Vortex Beams by NonlinearWave Mixing

Opt. Express 15(26), 17619-17624 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast all-optical switching with low saturation energy via intersubband transitions in GaN/AlN quantum-well waveguides

Opt. Express 15(26), 17922-17927 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Multiple quasi-phase-matching for enhanced generation of selected high harmonics in aperiodic modulated fibers

Opt. Express 15(26), 17985-17990 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultra-broadband optical parametric generation and simultaneous RGB generation in periodically poled lithium niobate

Opt. Express 15(26), 18294-18299 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Elliptically modulated self-trapped singular beams in nonlocal nonlinear media: ellipticons

Opt. Express 15(26), 18326-18338 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (11)]

Optical Data Storage

Wavelength-multiplexed submicron holograms for disk-compatible data storage

Opt. Express 15(26), 17798-17804 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Design and Fabrication

Orthonormal vector polynomials in a unit circle, Part I: basis set derived from gradients of Zernike polynomials

Opt. Express 15(26), 18014-18024 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Microconcentrators to recover fill-factor in image photodetectors with pixel on-board processing circuits

Opt. Express 15(26), 18066-18075 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Chalcogenide glass microspheres; their production, characterization and potential

Opt. Express 15(26), 17542-17553 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimal design of omni-directional viewing angle switching panel

Opt. Express 15(26), 17937-17947 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Complete polarization state control of ultrafast laser pulses with a single linear spatial light modulator

Opt. Express 15(26), 18025-18032 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics at Surfaces

Experimental measurement of the dispersion relations of the surface plasmon modes of metal nanoparticle chains

Opt. Express 15(26), 17482-17493 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optimal self-referenced sensing using long- and short- range surface plasmons

Opt. Express 15(26), 17661-17672 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical scattering resonances of single and coupled dimer plasmonic nanoantennas

Opt. Express 15(26), 17736-17746 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Perfect 4-way splitting in nano plasmonic X-junctions

Opt. Express 15(26), 17948-17953 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (9)]

Bidirectional subwavelength slit splitter for THz surface plasmons

Opt. Express 15(26), 18050-18055 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Tailoring the sensing capabilities of nanohole arrays in gold films with Rayleigh anomaly-surface plasmon polaritons

Opt. Express 15(26), 18119-18129 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Volume integral equation analysis of surface plasmon resonance of nanoparticles

Opt. Express 15(26), 18200-18208 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic Crystal Fibers

Methane detection at 1670-nm band using a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber and a multiline algorithm

Opt. Express 15(26), 17570-17576 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of 7 and 19 cells core air-guiding photonic crystal fibers for low-loss, wide bandwidth and dispersion controlled operation

Opt. Express 15(26), 17577-17586 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic Crystals and Devices

High-order dispersion in photonic crystal waveguides

Opt. Express 15(26), 17562-17569 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Physical origin of the high energy optical response of three dimensional photonic crystals

Opt. Express 15(26), 17754-17760 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Spontaneous emission in GaN/InGaN photonic crystal nanopillars

Opt. Express 15(26), 17991-18004 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Fabrication and characterization of three-dimensional copper metallodielectric photonic crystals

Opt. Express 15(26), 18283-18293 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Physical Optics

When does the choice of the refractive index of a linear, homogeneous, isotropic, active, dielectric medium matter?

Opt. Express 15(26), 17709-17714 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Scattering characteristics of simplified cylindrical invisibility cloaks

Opt. Express 15(26), 17772-17782 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum Optics

Two-photon four-qubit cluster state generation based on a polarization-entangled photon pair

Opt. Express 15(26), 17960-17966 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

The quest for three-color entanglement: experimental investigation of new multipartite quantum correlations

Opt. Express 15(26), 18236-18246 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF


Systematic comparison of the discrete dipole approximation and the finite difference time domain method for large dielectric scatterers

Opt. Express 15(26), 17902-17911 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Slow and Fast Light

Chirp-enhanced fast light in semiconductor optical amplifiers

Opt. Express 15(26), 17631-17638 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Slow light with flat or offset band edges in few-mode fiber with two gratings

Opt. Express 15(26), 17954-17959 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF


Absorption-induced trapping in an anisotropic magneto-optical trap

Opt. Express 15(26), 17699-17708 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

The effect of external forces on discrete motion within holographic optical tweezers

Opt. Express 15(26), 18268-18274 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Characterization of frequency noise on a broadband infrared frequency comb using optical heterodyne techniques

Opt. Express 15(26), 17715-17723 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Control of ionization processes in high band gap materials via tailored femtosecond pulses

Opt. Express 15(26), 17855-17862 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Oval-like hollow intensity distribution of tightly focused femtosecond laser pulses in air

Opt. Express 15(26), 17973-17979 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Towards non-sequential double ionization of Ne and Ar using a femtosecond laser oscillator

Opt. Express 15(26), 18103-18110 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

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