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6 August 2007, Volume 15, Issue 16, pp. 9883-10482   62 articles


Atmospheric and oceanic optics

Assessment of the horizontal resolution of retrieval products derived from MIPAS observations

Opt. Express 15(16), 10458-10472 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Diffraction and Gratings

Phase-shifting in achromatic moiré interferometry system

Opt. Express 15(16), 9970-9976 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

A new robust regime for a dispersion-managed multichannel 2R regenerator

Opt. Express 15(16), 10061-10074 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear pulse propagation in optical fibers using second order moments

Opt. Express 15(16), 10075-10090 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Increasing upstream capacity in TDM-PON with multiple-wavelength transmission using Fabry-Perot laser diodes

Opt. Express 15(16), 10247-10252 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Densely integrated microring resonator based photonic devices for use in access networks

Opt. Express 15(16), 10346-10355 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Stimulated Brillouin scattering modeling for high-resolution, time-domain distributed sensing

Opt. Express 15(16), 10397-10407 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Packet clock recovery using a bismuth oxide fiber-based optical power limiter

Opt. Express 15(16), 9948-9953 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum dot and silica nanoparticle doped polymer optical fibers

Opt. Express 15(16), 9989-9994 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Fourier optics and signal processing

Resistance of the double random phase encryption against various attacks

Opt. Express 15(16), 10253-10265 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Geometric optics

Encapsulation shape with non-rotational symmetry designed for extraction of polarized light from unpolarized sources

Opt. Express 15(16), 10452-10457 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

A non-iterative reconstruction method for direct and unambiguous coherent diffractive imaging

Opt. Express 15(16), 9954-9962 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems

Image reconstruction in quantitative X-ray phase-contrast imaging employing multiple measurements

Opt. Express 15(16), 10002-10025 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

SNR enhancement through phase dependent signal reconstruction algorithms for phase separated interferometric signals

Opt. Express 15(16), 10103-10122 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Integral imaging with large depth of field using an asymmetric phase mask

Opt. Express 15(16), 10266-10273 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Ultra-sensitive wavefront measurement using a Hartmann sensor

Opt. Express 15(16), 10370-10375 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Characterization of a nematic PALC at large oblique incidence angles

Opt. Express 15(16), 10381-10389 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Optical switches based on partial band gap and anomalous refraction in photonic crystals modulated by liquid crystals

Opt. Express 15(16), 10033-10040 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Silicon-on-insulator ultra-compact duplexer based on a diffractive grating structure

Opt. Express 15(16), 10091-10096 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Refractive index modification using fs-laser double pulses

Opt. Express 15(16), 10149-10153 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Apodized coupled resonator waveguides

Opt. Express 15(16), 10196-10206 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Room temperature lasing of InAs/GaAs quantum dots in the whispering gallery modes of a silica microsphere

Opt. Express 15(16), 10052-10060 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Birefringent in-phase supermode operation of a multicore microstructured fiber laser

Opt. Express 15(16), 10340-10345 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Emission spectrum broadening of Nd:YVO4 with femtosecond laser pulse processing

Opt. Express 15(16), 10376-10380 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF


Optical characterization of polymer liquid crystal cell exhibiting polymer blue phases

Opt. Express 15(16), 10175-10181 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Medical Optics and Biotechnology

Multidimensional non-linear laser imaging of Basal Cell Carcinoma

Opt. Express 15(16), 10135-10148 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Computational model for nonlinear plasma formation in high NA micromachining of transparent materials and biological cells

Opt. Express 15(16), 10303-10317 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

In vivo three-dimensional microelectromechanical endoscopic swept source optical coherence tomography

Opt. Express 15(16), 10390-10396 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Optical imaging for medical diagnosis based on active stereo vision and motion tracking

Opt. Express 15(16), 10421-10426 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (2)]


Differential imaging in coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy with Laguerre-Gaussian excitation beams

Opt. Express 15(16), 10123-10134 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Offset-apertured near-field scanning optical microscope probes

Opt. Express 15(16), 10163-10174 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy imaging at interfaces: evidence of interference effects

Opt. Express 15(16), 10408-10420 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Soliton dynamics and self-induced transparency in nonlinear nanosuspensions

Opt. Express 15(16), 10207-10218 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Correlated photon-pair generation in reverse-proton-exchange PPLN waveguides with integrated mode demultiplexer at 10 GHz clock

Opt. Express 15(16), 10288-10293 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Collapse arrest and self-guiding of femtosecond pulses

Opt. Express 15(16), 10318-10323 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Enhanced Kerr nonlinearity in sub-wavelength diameter As2Se3 chalcogenide fiber tapers

Opt. Express 15(16), 10324-10329 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Symmetry breaking of discrete solitons and its suppression by partial incoherence

Opt. Express 15(16), 10446-10451 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Self-action and regularized self-guiding of pulsed Bessel-like beams in air

Opt. Express 15(16), 9893-9907 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Design and Fabrication

Optimal design of an irregular Fresnel lens for multiple light sources using a three-layered Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm

Opt. Express 15(16), 9918-9935 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

DBR, Sub-wavelength grating, and Photonic crystal slab Fabry-Perot cavity design using phase analysis by FDTD

Opt. Express 15(16), 10330-10339 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient optical modeling of spontaneous emission in a cylindrically layered nanostructure

Opt. Express 15(16), 10356-10361 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Coupled resonator optical waveguide structures with highly dispersive media

Opt. Express 15(16), 10362-10369 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

All-optical switch based on the local nonlinear Mach-Zehnder interferometer

Opt. Express 15(16), 9883-9892 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics at Surfaces

Surface solitons in waveguide arrays: Analytical solutions

Opt. Express 15(16), 10041-10051 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Local-field enhancement and plasmon tuning in bimetallic nanoplanets

Opt. Express 15(16), 10097-10102 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Observation of red-shifted strong surface plasmon scattering in single Cu nanowires

Opt. Express 15(16), 10282-10287 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Molecular coupling of light with plasmonic waveguides

Opt. Express 15(16), 9908-9917 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Direct measurement of the Gouy phase shift for surface plasmon-polaritons

Opt. Express 15(16), 9995-10001 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics in computing

An Optical Solution For The Traveling Salesman Problem

Opt. Express 15(16), 10473-10482 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF


High transmission through ridge nano-apertures on Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers

Opt. Express 15(16), 10427-10438 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic Crystal Fibers

Boundary integral method for the challenging problems in bandgap guiding, plasmonics and sensing

Opt. Express 15(16), 10231-10246 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic Crystals and Devices

Lasing dynamics of a silicon photonic crystal microcavity

Opt. Express 15(16), 10294-10302 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum Optics

Two-photon entanglement generation: different Bell states within the linewidth of phase-matching

Opt. Express 15(16), 10182-10188 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Slow Light

Storage capacity of slow-light tunable optical buffers based on fiber Brillouin amplifiers for real signal bit streams

Opt. Express 15(16), 10189-10195 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental observation of slow light in photonic crystal coupled waveguides

Opt. Express 15(16), 10274-10281 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Slow-to-fast light using absorption to gain switching in quantum-well semiconductor optical amplifier

Opt. Express 15(16), 9963-9969 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF


Whole spectrum fluorescence detection with ultrafast white light excitation

Opt. Express 15(16), 10439-10445 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Coherent femtosecond pulse shaping for the optimization of a non-linear micro-endoscope

Opt. Express 15(16), 10154-10162 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

Directly measuring the spatio-temporal electric field of focusing ultrashort pulses

Opt. Express 15(16), 10219-10230 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

High-fidelity line-by-line optical waveform generation and complete characterization using FROG

Opt. Express 15(16), 9977-9988 (2007)  View: HTML | PDF

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