Our discussion of the relationship between image acquisition time and the number of pixels in a Magneto Fluorescence Imaging experiment contained an incorrect scaling exponent. We present the correction in this erratum. This correction does not alter the conclusions of the paper.

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In our discussion of the limitations of Magneto Fluorescence Imaging [1], we incorrectly stated that the acquisition time increases as the number of pixels raised to the third power, where it should be to the second power. This correction does not alter our conclusion that shot noise places an upper limit on the number of pixels in a MFI image.

The first part of the third paragraph on p. 25466 should read: A further challenge in MFI is to detect the small fluctuations in the fluorescence at the magnetic null, above the larger unmodulated fluorescence from the remainder of the sample. In our experiment, the maximum AC component of the PMT voltage is V AC = 100 μV, while the DC background is V DC = 500 mV. To achieve a shot noise-limited SNR of 10, one must acquire at least nphot = 100(V DC/V AC)2 fluorescence photons at each pixel. This requirement can lead to unreasonably long image acquisition times. The background increases as VDCNpix, where Npix is the number of pixels, while the maximum AC signal is independent of Npix. The number of photons required per pixel increases as Npix2, and the number of photons per image increases as Npix3. The rate of photon collection is proportional to Npix , so the acquisition time per image increases as Npix2. Thus shot noise ultimately limits the number of pixels in an MFI image.

The rest of the paragraph remains the same as in the original paper.


We thank Bernhard Gleich from Philips Technologie GmbH for bringing the mistake to our attention.

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  1. N. Yang and A. E. Cohen, “Optical imaging through scattering media via magnetically modulated fluorescence,” Opt. Express 18(25), 25461–25467 (2010).
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