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1 June 2015, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp. 1954-2282   25 articles


Active and Adaptive Optics

An adaptive optics imaging system designed for clinical use

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2120-2137 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (4)]

Endoscopes, Catheters and Micro-Optics

Miniaturized magnetic-driven scanning probe for endoscopic optical coherence tomography

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2231-2236 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Miniature, minimally invasive, tunable endoscope for investigation of the middle ear

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2246-2257 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

Mapping conduction velocity of early embryonic hearts with a robust fitting algorithm

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2138-2157 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Reconstruction and Inverse Problems

4-D reconstruction of fluorescence molecular tomography using re-assembled measurement data

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 1963-1976 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Acceleration of dynamic fluorescence molecular tomography with principal component analysis

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2036-2055 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF


Dynamic structure and protein expression of the live embryonic heart captured by 2-photon light sheet microscopy and retrospective registration

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2056-2066 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (7)]

Influence of defocus on quantitative analysis of microscopic objects and individual cells with digital holography

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2067-2075 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Extended output phasor representation of multi-spectral fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2088-2105 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Electrically tunable lens speeds up 3D orbital tracking

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2181-2190 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Gated STED microscopy with time-gated single-photon avalanche diode

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2258-2267 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Multimodal Imaging

Co-localized confocal Raman spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography (CRS-OCT) for depth-resolved analyte detection in tissue

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2022-2035 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Unified approach for bioluminescence, Cerenkov, β, X and γ rays imaging

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2168-2180 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Nanotechnology and Plasmonics

Sensitive surface enhanced Raman scattering multiplexed detection of matrix metalloproteinase 2 and 7 cancer markers

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2076-2087 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Novel Light Sources, Optics, and Detectors

Optimizing light transport in scintillation crystals for time-of-flight PET: an experimental and optical Monte Carlo simulation study

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2220-2230 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (4)]

Ophthalmology Applications

Spotlight on Optics

Imaging translucent cell bodies in the living mouse retina without contrast agents

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2106-2119 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Spotlight on Optics

Adaptive-optics SLO imaging combined with widefield OCT and SLO enables precise 3D localization of fluorescent cells in the mouse retina

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2191-2210 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (8)]

Second-harmonic generation microscopy of photocurable polymer intrastromal implants in ex-vivo corneas

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2211-2219 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Coherence Tomography

Photothermal optical lock-in optical coherence tomography for in vivo imaging

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2268-2282 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics in Cancer Research

In vivo quantitation of injected circulating tumor cells from great saphenous vein based on video-rate confocal microscopy

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2158-2167 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics of Tissue and Turbid Media

Diffuse optical tomography using the one-way radiative transfer equation

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2006-2021 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Controlled light field concentration through turbid biological membrane for phototherapy

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 2237-2245 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF


Attenuated infrared neuron stimulation response in cochlea of deaf animals may associate with the degeneration of spiral ganglion neurons

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 1990-2005 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Speckle Imaging and Diagnostics

Dual shear wave induced laser speckle contrast signal and the improvement in shear wave speed measurement

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 1954-1962 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

Accessing to arteriovenous blood flow dynamics response using combined laser speckle contrast imaging and skin optical clearing

Biomed. Opt. Express 6(6), 1977-1989 (2015)  View: HTML | PDF

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