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20 August 2012, Volume 51, Issue 24, pp. 5758-5951   28 articles


Optical Technology

Diffraction and Gratings

Design, manufacturing, and performance analysis of mid-infrared achromatic half-wave plates with diamond subwavelength gratings

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5897-5902 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Theory, experiment, and application of optical fiber etching

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5845-5849 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Multimode interference tapered fiber refractive index sensors

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5941-5945 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]


Prism-type holographic optical element design and verification for the blue-light small-form-factor optical pickup head

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5758-5766 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

Imaging Systems

Balanced detection spectral domain optical coherence tomography with a multiline single camera for signal-to-noise ratio enhancement

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5936-5940 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

High-resolution electronic interferometry for the measurement of in-plane vibration

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5773-5779 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Design and Fabrication

Design of a double-sided telecentric zoom lens

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5928-5935 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Approximate scheme by the coupled-wave theory to efficiently analyze the influences of moiré phenomena in liquid-crystal devices

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5806-5811 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Fluidic actuation of an elastomeric grating

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5812-5817 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics at Surfaces

Size-dependent optical behavior of disordered nanostructures on glass substrates

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5890-5896 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Physical Optics

Snapshot imaging polarimeter using modified Savart polariscopes

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5791-5796 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Saturated semiconductor optical amplifier phase modulation for long range laser radar applications

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5850-5862 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Terahertz spectroscopy for quantifying refined oil mixtures

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5885-5889 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Information Processing

Image Processing

Effective bias removal for fringe projection profilometry using the dual-tree complex wavelet transform

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5909-5916 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Multiple signal classification technique for phase estimation from a fringe pattern

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5869-5875 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Multiplicative phase-shifting interferometry using optical flow

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5903-5908 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Remote Sensing

Contour superresolved imaging of static ground targets using satellite platform

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5863-5868 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers, Photonics, and Environmental Optics

Diffraction and Gratings

Wide-angle transmissive filter based on a guided-mode resonant grating

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5785-5790 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Formation of nonlinear holographic images in powerful laser systems

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5921-5927 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Design, fabrication, and characterization of Si-based ARROW photonic crystal bend waveguides and power splitters

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5876-5884 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Coherent beam combination of fiber lasers with a strongly confined waveguide: numerical model

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5826-5833 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Distortion cancellation of frequency converted pulses with simple linear signal processing and application to frequency modulation to amplitude modulation conversion in high power lasers

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5818-5825 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Hybrid integrated photodetector with flat-top steep-edge spectral response

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5767-5772 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Widely tunable optical filter with variable bandwidth based on the thermal effect on cholesteric liquid crystals

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5780-5784 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonreciprocal optical divider based on two-dimensional photonic crystal and magneto-optical cavity

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5917-5920 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Physical Optics

Induction of optical vortex in the crystals subjected to bending stresses

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5797-5805 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Atomic-level study of a thickness-dependent phase change in gold thin films heated by an ultrafast laser

Appl. Opt. 51(24), 5946-5951 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

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