Large-scale CPV power plants deliver the high energy production and low electricity cost that will allow PV to become a substantial portion of the electrical grid supply. High concentration minimizes the semiconductor material costs, while dual-axis tracking delivers higher capacity factors and provides a better match to demand. In order to prove the net cost benefits, however, annual deployments must exceed the tens of MW range. CPV companies, including Amonix, are reaching this level in 2011. Annual performance improvements combined with aggressive cost reductions are the means for Amonix to win the projects needed to gain more economies of scale. Energy modeling has been used to increase both the rated power and energy yield. Solar power generators deployed in 2011 exceed previous performance by more than 10%. Rated output now exceeds 60 kWAC-PTC and AC system efficiency exceeds 27%. A similar increase in performance is expected by 2012.

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