The entire field of optics & photonics is vast, encompassing a wide range of technologies and affecting an even larger range of industries. The niche needed by the lighting industry is illumination optics, and in particular, illumination optics for solid-state devices. Optics for this industry have unique requirements that go beyond the basic achievement of a specific intensity distribution, as they are also often required to homogenize the variable spectral properties of the LEDs and provide a desired luminous appearance. Additionally, they need to fit within specific packaging constraints driven by all types of factors including the overall product aesthetic, manufacturing methods and cost. The styles of optics used to meet these requirements vary widely and are limited only by physics and the imagination of the designer. Instilling the right set of skills in students to succeed in this industry is therefore the challenge. Methods employed to date include a mix of the following:

1. fundamentals of photometry, reflection & refraction,

2. LED properties and package styles,

3. material properties including light scattering,

4. photometric labs,

5. reflector & refractor design development & simulation in software, and

6. optical design prototyping.

Illumination optics are used in a wide range of industries including architecture, roadways, entertainment, automotive, aerospace, marine, medical, and consumer products. While this curriculum is focused on the narrow field of illumination, the skills are applicable to a much broader range of non-imaging applications including UV irradiation for disinfection & curing, IR sensors, light pipes, CPV, and daylighting.


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