High Power Laser Diodes (HPLD) are increasingly used in different fields of applications such as Scientific, Industrial, Medical and Defense. Our significant performances improvements (especially in peak power, divergence and efficiency) and a reproducible manufacturing process have led to reliable, highly robust components. For industrial applications these devices are used predominantly for pumping of solid state lasers. Due to the drastically falling price per watt they are more and more replacing flash lamps as pump sources. Their compact size and high reliability make diode laser arrays ideally suited to this demanding market. For Scientific applications, the brightness as well as the cost are the two main drivers. In order to respond to this demand, QLD has focused its development on very high peak power bars associated with very high E/O efficiency. The level of energy QLD is achieving now has also pushed us to develop a power supply driver able to operate such diodes at up to 1000A under 100V.

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