Highly Er3+/Yb3+-codoped single-mode phosphate glass-fiber has been fabricated by rod-in-tube technique. The performances of the high-concentration Er3+/Yb3+-codoped phosphate fiber amplifiers have been investigated and discussed. An efficient optical fiber amplifier with a gain of 12.6 dB based on a 3.0 cm long Er3+/Yb3+-codoped phosphate glass-fiber has been demonstrated under a dual-pump configuration with two 976 nm fiber-pigtail laser diodes, which make it attractive as compact Er3+-doped fiber amplifiers. The obtained noise figures of signal wavelength from 1525 to 1565 nm are less than 6.0 dB. Gain saturation behavior at 1535 nm has also been investigated, and the obtained saturation output power is larger than 10 dBm. Promising applications of the phosphate glass-fiber including compact EDFAs, high power single-frequency fiber lasers, watt-level cladding-pumped short fiber lasers, and other integrated optical devices as well

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