Thirty-five (35) eyes with visually significant cataracts were implanted with Calhoun Vision’s LAL after phacoemulsification cataract extraction. Ten to 21 days after implantation, patients underwent refractive adjustment treatments using the Light Delivery Device (LDD) to correct postoperative hyperopic, myopic, and/or astigmatic refractive errors of up to ± 2.0 D. After a minimum of 2 days, the primary adjustments were either followed by a secondary irradiation procedure to bring the patients to emmetropia or by a near vision treatment that was customized to the patients’ photopic pupil sizes. For those patients that required both a primary and secondary adjustment, the near vision treatment was given a minimum of two days post the secondary adjustment. After all distance and near vision light treatments were completed, the patients were given two lock-in treatments separated by a minimum of two days. The lock-in treatments are necessary to consume all remaining photoactive macromer in the LAL and stabilize the adjusted lens power. Patients were followed up to 4-6 months post-op to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of both the LAL and LDD for the treatment of aphakia and presbyopia.

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